My career as an armchair political activist began after my first Walk for Life in San Francisco, California at the rally across from the Ferry Building, when I heard an abortion survivor walk onto the stage with a limp. She told the terrifying story of swimming in a saline solution and then left to die after a botched abortion. Then, she told us that Senator Obama had voted, while serving in Illinois, to leave such a child alone to die on the table. He was now running for president of the United States of America, for the first time. She had, indeed, survived an abortion, but was living with a number of health challenges, not withstanding a very strong pro-life agenda.

My next memory on the subject was sitting at a Wing’s meeting in the East Bay. The president announced that no political speeches were to be made at the meeting. Then, she took off her jacket to proudly display her T-shirt that showed the smiling face of the presidential candidate, Obama!!!! I went home and wrote an e-mail to all the members of Wings, explaining why a member of the Roman Catholic Church could not vote for a pro-abortion candidate for president, documenting my statement with Catholic teachings.

Next, I received a call from one of the members of Wings telling me that they were going to enforce the gag rule on me. I was never allowed again to use the e-mail addresses of the members of Wings for any issues, moral or otherwise. I removed myself from the woman’s group.

Meanwhile, I participated in a number of Walks for Life in San Francisco. My husband walked with me the last time I was able to walk. Currently, it is not an option, but my prayer intention to end abortion is a daily habit. Scroll forward to yesterday, January 24, 2020, when I spent three or four hours watching the Walk For Life in Washington, D.C. on EWTN. It was reported today on EWTN that 250,000 people marched in Washington, D.C. for the annual Walk for Life. Suddenly, a parade of black cars were visible driving into the rally area. Then, Vice-President Pence spoke via satellite from Rome where he had just spent over an hour with Pope Francis. Next, the President of the United States of America walked onto the stage wearing a red tie. He gave a heart-warming speech saying that life brings love to a family. He is the most pro-life president ever in the history of the United States.

Today, January 25, 2020, is the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. On this day, the 16th annual Walk for Life West Coast took place in San Francisco, California. The Archbishop of San Francisco invited the Bishop of Portland, Oregon to speak and pray at the opening rally, as our Archbishop was in Rome. A rape victim spoke at the rally. She was raped when she was a junior in college. She decided not to have an abortion. She decided to give her child up for adoption. She decided to call her son Nathan. When she called the adopting parents, they told her that they had picked the same name! She kept the baby boy for six days. Then, he went home with his adopted parents, the Sullivan family. Later, the rape victim married and had two boys. Her first son, Nathan, is looking after his two brothers as they are attending college in his home town. The mother has been happily married for 25 years. Nathan spoke to us after his mother finished speaking. He said that some people are against abortion except for a case of rape. In such a case, Nathan said, they are talking about me!!!!

Fr. Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life, also spoke at the rally. He said that Planned Parenthood is donating 45 million dollars to the 2020 election. He also said that they are planning to open their star-ship facility at 1522 Bush Street near Van Ness Avenue, spending seven million dollars. Fortunately, Our good Archbishop is planning a facility to help women with unplanned pregnancies and infertility to be located a few door from the Planned Parenthood facility on Bush Street. Donations can be made to Bella. see: Archdiocese of San Francisco for more information.

Of course, the media did not cover the Walk for Life in D.C., except for FOX television, which aired the entire event. EWTN said this morning that the New York Times did mention it. Mainline television ignored the gathering of 250,000 people at the Nation’s capital, except for a moment when they said that Trump showed up to the event in order to off-set a negative article in a religious magazine, saying they were removing their support of our president.

So, if you have never walked for life, I highly recommend it! If you have never watched a Walk For Life on EWTN, it is second best. Both walking for life and watching the walks for life on television are extremely inspiring. Walks for Life are popping up all over the globe. There has been a Walk For Life for the past ten years in Rome. If there is not one in Hawaii, I suggest that my friend’s grandson starts one, with the help of my cousin!!!

So, get on board, the train to LIFE, not death!!! Give LIFE a chance!!!!! God created that embryo in the womb. He knew its name before it was born. Please join the Forty Days for Life by praying outside a Planned Parenthood facility. Please pray a rosary with the intention of stopping abortion. Please, please. Listen to God the Father on holylove.org where he spoke this week to the visionary about abortion. Wake up America! Wake up, world!!! Walk for Life!!! Pray for Life!!! God have mercy. Christ have mercy. Jesus, I trust in You. Immaculate Mary, pray for the unborn. Amen

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