An Historic Day in the USA

Today is December 18, 2019, the day the Democratic party scheduled the articles of impeachment of the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, just in time to hand the American people a little Christmas gift before the Congress adjourns for their long, paid vacation. I watched an hour or more of the proceedings on FOX. As I watched the various Congress men and women from both parties, including the Speaker of the House, I had an important incite.

The very last words coming out of the mouth of Roger Stone, via a Skype interview by Alex Jones on, before his kangaroo court in D.C., and before his second and total gag rule was pronounced, said the following words when asked about President Trump, [The important thing to know is that his, (President Trump’s battle), is not just a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans.] (This is not an exact quote, but the gist of his statement.)
My insight today confirms Roger Stone’s warning.

The insight reveals that this is much more than the result of the far-left high-jacking of the Democratic party, as expressed this morning by one of the Republican Congressmen. It is one of the major battles on the planet earth in these End Times. This is a battle between the forces of Good and Evil. We know who is finally going to win this battle. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph over Satan, and Truth will win out. In the meantime, the USA represents one of the last Flames of Light, as it was established by the Founding Fathers. As one read the books on the life of President George Washington, we learned how he was guided in his mission to establish a nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. During the battles of the Revolution, Our Blessed Mother guided and blessed our first president, when the going got tough. He prayed for help and guidance and received it. This country was founded on Jewish and Christian values and teachings. It is the agenda of the Evil One to destroy this country, that was blessed and favored greatly by Our Lord.

In my lifetime, this very unique and special country has been threatened by the anti-Christ agenda of communism. Then, came the war in our country against chastity. Then came the law to allow the killing of a baby in a mother’s womb. Then came the money-making promotion of tobacco, alcohol, and finally illegal drugs. Then came the television and smart phone that averted the attention of the people of America away from God, books, musical instruments, table games, and healthy outdoor activities in nature. Consumerism was the name of the game. The various institutions were taken over by anti-Christ propaganda. Children’s text books in schools failed to teach real history. Jesus was outlawed from print in the textbooks. History was rewritten to put our country in a bad light. Laws were enacted so that teachers no longer had any authority in their classrooms. The young students could now sue the teacher who used discipline.
Sex education now begins in first grade in some public schools.

Colleges and university were even worse, for the most part. The professors were 90% leftist, teaching the gullible college students the foundations of communism, liberalism, relative morality, and more recently, a hatefulness for the USA and our political foundation.

Besides the threat of the anti-Christ communist agenda, we have been experiencing a ever-increasing jihad, the take over of a culture interiorly, without violence, by the infiltration of our education, government, and institutions. The population at large has not read the Koran and has no idea of the actual teachings promoted, for example, convert to Islam or else, (taxes or death.) We got a taste of the latter during 9-ll, but we have let down our guard and now even have voted in the squad to our congress and into various positions of power in Michigan. Minnesota, etc.

Freedom of religion is under attack in the USA, as is freedom of speech. The political correct norms of our current society are forcing Christians to be muzzled. The show-down came in 2015, due to the death of certain cartoonists in Europe. How dare you exercise your freedom of speech in a cartoon. We will show you. You will die. So, out of fear, most of Europe is now muzzled. The list of people in Europe who have been killed or otherwise silenced when using their God-given right of freedom of speech grows and grows. The case of Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff of Austria went all the way to the so-called “Supreme Court” in Strasbourg, France, where she has been fighting the anti-blasphemy laws in Austria. Her revealing story is carefully outlined in her recent book, “The Truth is No Defense”. The 1618 Resolution of the U.N. makes blasphemy laws universal. An anti-blasphemy law equals anything that a Muslim may not like.

Freedom of speech is being silence in the USA on line, in the press, and on television. Social media is totally controlled in Austria. There is no resistance anywhere in Europe. Out of fear of Islamic Terrorists, the people have become silent. The youth are more interested in Austria in climate change than their stolen freedom of speech. Free speech does not exist in Europe due to the fear of Islamic Terrorist. Take, for example, my beloved Notre Dame of Paris. Not a word has been said about the real cause of the burning of this Christian icon. God have mercy!

OIC includes 57 Islamic nations that are promoting anti-blasphemy laws. If UN16 law passes, it crushes free speech. The ADL, Anti-Defamation League is now part of the problem. Globalist are foaming racial divide designed to create a civil war. 200,000 people are trained to sensor the internet. Alex Jones’s videos, for example, have been banded from You-Tube. Many ads for Trump were silence on line during the last election. Social media is under the watch of what we used to call Big Brother.

The corruption runs deep. One of the reasons the Democratic party is in a hurry to get rid of Trump is because he has given the go-ahead to investigate corruption. Many people will be found guilty. If a politician becomes corrupt, he can acquire a lot of money while in office. One thing you can say about Trump, he did not seek the office for money; he had plenty of that already.

Elizabeth and now Little Suzie is here to warn the USA that we could lose our freedom of speech and our freedom of religion if we stay silent. Wake up, America, and smell the threat, and it is not of roses.

God bless America. St. Michael pray for the USA. God protect President Trump. Children, follow the Ten Commandments and pray to God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

May peace be with you.
Suzie the Duzie

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