Recently, our Lord told Julie Green, and transmitted on Rumble, that what the world needs now is a revival. That is what we had at Our Lady of Grace parish in Castro Valley, California, this past weekend, September 17-18, 2022, in remembrance of our 75th anniversary. Praised be Jesus! Growning up on a farm in Iowa as a young Protestant, I heard the word, preaching. That is what we had on Sunday. We had REAL preaching by Monsignor Antonio Valdivia, one of the former priests at Our Lady of Grace. In my 82 years as a Protestant, Sufi, and Roman Catholic convert, I had never heard such preaching. It surprises me not that when Monsignor Antonio preached when he was a priest at Our Lady of Grace, there was standing room only in the church!

Some years ago, while in the Alsace Region of France, I was shown by an elderly long-time parishioner of the St. Anthony parish in Hohengoeft, photographs of the parish in its hay day with the church packed with people and filled with beautiful banners hanging from both the side walls. Today, the church is locked except for Thursdays nights when a priest says mass. This is not his fault. He, the one priest, is in charge of multiple parishes all throughout the region. The former pastor I knew was so overworked that he died at a young age of a heart attack. God rest his soul. Yes, they need a revival in France also!

Yes, what the world needs now. as Our Lord told Julie, is a rivival. Thanks be to God, we had a true revival. Thanks to the early planning by Fr. Thomas Czeck, OFM Conv, initiated before he was transferred to Pismo Beach, a very capable committe was formed to begin organizing the 75th anniversary of the parish, now under the direction of the Franciscans. The celebration began with a very interesting and informative talk by Mark Vaz, outlining a bit of the parish history. His research will soon be available in book form. He spoke of the nine Carmelite nuns who came from Madrid to become teachers in the new school. Fr. Stack made sure that a school was built BEFORE a church building. Mark said that when Fr. Stack walked into a room, it felt like the Pope had just walked into the room.

The talk was followed by a mass in Our Lady of Grace church at 5:00 p.m. Fr. Kevin Mullins, OSA, a long-time pastor of Our Lady of Grace, said the mass and gave the homily. Then, he, his two sisters, and many parishioners, priests, and Franciscan brothers enjoyed an Italian dinner prepared by the Italian Catholic Federation after a film high-lighting the history of the parish. The next day, September 19, 2022, Bishop Michael Barber, s.j. said mass at noon. Many priests attended the mass including Fr. Victor Abegg, OFM Conv., Fr. Tom Czeck, OFM Conv., Fr. Ray Mallett, OFM Conv., Fr. Francisco Nahoe, OFM Conv., Fr. Greg Heidenblut, OSA, Br. Chris Garcia, OFM Conv., and Br. Chris Saindom, OFM Conv. Bonnie played the organ and the fabulous Hispanic choir and musicians offered their music.

The star of the show was Jesus and the Holy Spirit that anointed us all, but on another level, it was Monsignor Antonio Valdivia who stole the show. As Jesus told St. Catherine of Sienna, I am God; you are not. Fr. Antonio seemed to be alive with a walking presence of his kinship with God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ, anointed by the Holy Spirit, and in strong friendship with the saints. Having been a member of o.c.d.s. (Carmelite), for twenty years, Fr. Antonio’s passing reference to Mother Teresa of Jesus, (of Avila), ignited a special blessing for me, as he referred to the nine Carmelite nuns from Madrid who came from Spain to teach at our school. He scrolled through the time in history we were celebrating. In 1947, the Bishop announced that a Church was to be built in Castro Valley, California, [ the same year the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta died]. Monsignor Antonio referred to Bob Dylan’s son, “The Times They Are Changing”, and the death of President John F. Kennedy. Monsisgnor also spoke of the beatniik era and the on slaught of the drug culture. He took his time. No one looked at their watch! He held his place at the podium on the altar. He held his place in the history of the church in Castro Valley. He represented the best of the seasoned wise men of the Lord Jesus Christ. A real servant of God. God bless him!

Following the very moving homily, our Bishop pleaded with us to renew and strengthen our devotion and prayers to Our Lady of Grace.

We then processed to Stack Center, named after the deceased former pastor, where the Hispanic community must have been up late in the wee small hours of the night transforming the hall into a gala fiesta setting. Colorful banners graced the ceiling. Flags and colorful Mexican woolen fabrics lined the tables. Preparations had been made for a real fiesta. Not only were there musicians to entertain us, but they walked between the tables gracing us with their music. Fr. Francisco Nahoe led the prayers to bless the food we were to eat. The food was delicious. My chicken was over the top fabulous. Everyone was in a celebration mood. No one needed wine nor spirits to awaken the best in all of us. God had sent His Holy Spirit down upon us and we were happy, united, and in One accord, a joyous family of the Lord.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you all who graced the church with beautiful flowers, the new and elegant shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Our Lady of Grace school students who served us our fiesta repass. Thank you the vocalists and musicians who practiced their music, for the priests who flew from afar to join us, for those who set up the hall and especially those who cleaned up the hall afterwards. God bless each of us, young and old, sweet and sassy.

God bless us as a family of Our Lady of Grace. God protect, bless, and guide our priests. May the doors of Our Lady of Grace never again be locked down! God grant us many, many new and renewed families. God grant us new and numerous men seeking ordination. Protect us Lord. Strengthen us Lord. Make Your face to shine upon us, Lord. Amen.

Love and blessings to all in humble thanksgiving,

Susanna Maria Ax, Benedictine Oblate of Divine Will


The Sun of My Will is a biography of Luisa Piccarreta, 1865-1947, written by Maria Rosaria Del Genio, published by Libresria Editrice Vaticana. The author is dedicated to the study of the history of mysticism and the lives of the saints. She is currently overseeing a book series on Mystical Texts from the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, (the Vatican publishing house.)

Luisa Piccarreta, the apostle of the Divine Will, is the subject of this very informative and interesting book. Luisa’s message – to go from “doing” God’s will to “living” in God’s Will – “on earth as it is in heaven” – is groundbreaking for her time. Luisa had known St. Annibale De Francia since 1910. St. Annibale De Francia was born on July 5, 1851. He as known as the founder of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal and the Regationists Fathers. After visiting with Luisa, he would go to a small adjoining room where he would read, on his knees and with tears of joy, the teaching of the Divine Will Jesus had been giving Luisa that she had written in her diary. He was so convinced of the importance and benefit of Luisa’s writings that he decided to publish a work in 1915 entitled, The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ with Devoted Considerations and Reparations with a nihil abstat and imprimatur. This publication was expanded and re-edited the same year and then again in 1917 and 1925.

St. Annibale De Francia waa so inspired and convinced of the importance of Luisa’s writings that he sent copies of them to the archbishops and bishops with a letter attached saying:

“a chosen soul who…enjoys great union with God and has made herself a victum for the needs of the Holy Church…..These pages seem inspired….Furthermore, the meditations are to go together with the efficacious reparations for all of our sins and those of others…… The small work is published with the full approval of two ecclesiastical revisions by the venerable archiepiscopal cura of Naples. “

Luisa had been meditating on Christ’s passion since she was 13 years old. She continued to do so together with the students who visited her home. Though she starts the text from the external description of Christ’s suffering, Luisa achieves a true immersion in the interior of the person of Jesus. She wishes to encompass everything that He, with His passion, fulfills in the Will of the Father, and to see what pleases His heart more, in order to be able to repeat it and offer that to Him, alleviating His suffering.

When Luisa medidtated on the hours of the passion, she felt, with Jesus, what it is like to embrace the enormity of His work, glorifying, redressing and beseeching God for each and everyone. Luisa realized that her reparations were cold, meager, and finite while the offense is infinite. So that her reparations may be infinite, immense and endless, she united herself with Jesus’ own divinity, “indeed, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit” and blesses God with His blessings. She loves Him with His Love, she soothes Him with His own tenderness; she honors Him and adores Him as is done among the Divine Person. It is a prayer that becomes participating in the grace of the Trinitarian life.”

“The particular inspiration this soul, [Luisa], has had constitues a ‘new’ and rather fruitful method for contemplating the suffering of Our Lord Jesus Christ….. We said this method was new….in which its structure, sentiments and aims all form as a whole something new…. The author of this Timepiece of sorrow turns out to be…unparalleled in reparations….These identify with the same reparations made by Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is entering oneself into the feelings of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in His Divine suffering…..The sympathetic soul plunges, I would almost say, right into every suffering of Our Lord, it takes measure, as much as is humanly possible, of the infinite abyss, and uniting itself to the infinite reparative intentions of the suffering God-Man, offers Him offers the Father and offers Divine justice infinite reparations for everyone and for everything! It is indeed the great, necessary, universal reparation that is needed in our day for the manifold wickedness of the present generations”

The sin in the world, has grown much worse, in my opinion, than when St. Annibal De Fracia wrote this. For years, the complete writings of Luisa, were unavailable to us in the USA, except for a couple exceptions. They were locked up in the secret archives in the Vatican. One of the first translations from Italian was into German, and Pope Benedict XVI was very happy when Fr. Thomas Celso was invited to study them in the archives t the Vatican, as Pope Benedict XVI had been introduced to them at a young boy where they were being read in German in a monastery. Only recently, a complete edition has been published in English under the title, Book of Heaven. Although it may be a bit challenging to read, as would be expected as it is the written in the language of heaven, Jesus is teaching how He and His mother prayed in Nazareth. It is how one prays in heaven. As one continues to read little-by-little, sip-by-sip, with faith, knowing that it is Jesus who was speaking these words to Luisa, one begins to understand, little by little. God intercedes for us and gives us the gift of understanding, little by little.

So, do not hesitate. Take up this VERY IMPORTANt Book of Heaven and read a little each day! To receive help, go to Mary’s Hill on line where various teachers of Divine Will are archived and five weekly live programs are available of teachings of Divine Will by Fr. Thomas Celso, Fr. Joseph Leo Ianazzi, Francis Hogan, and Mother Gabrielle. Daniel O’Connor’s three books are VERY helpful for those who are just beginning this study. The above teachers also have offerings on YouTube and on line with their various websites. Do not wait. This teaching, which Jesus gave to Luisa, will be lived out in the coming Era of Peace. We are at a threshold. Jump in. Now is the time to begin your study of the Divine Will. It was the original intention of The Trinity when all was created. Now, it has been revealed to a little Italian mystic, Luisa Piccarreta. May she intercede for you as you begin your journey. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


A Happy Convert


“Summer time, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumping and the cotton is high. Oh my Daddy’s rich, and my Ma is good looking. So, hush, little baby, don’t you cry.”

It is July 20th, 2022, just in the middle of summer here on the left coast. Yes, the fish are jumping. Eduardo and Mario caught one heck of a big one in the Ocean-of-Peace, the Pacific. It tasted like butter from the sea. Believe me, it was swell.

Well, the cotton here on Ax’s Acres is not high but the cherry tomatoes are sweet and plentiful. The pear tree is loaded. The big redwood trees keeps growing and growing, as do my grandchildren and my favorite priest’s heart.

My Daddy was nicked named Rich and he was my hero with strong faith, great ethics, good sense, common sense they used to call it. He worked like a dog pulling his father up and living through the depression of the thirties. What a guy. He farmed without poisons before we ever heard of the word, organic.

Ma has become for me the Blessed Virgin Mary, too beautiful for words. Soon a new born baby will be born in my Iowa family tree. Blessed be.

So, you still have at least a month and a half of summer, where the liviin’ is easy. Why not buy this terrific book and settle down under the nearest shade tree or unbrella at the beach. I am perfectly delighted with my summer reading, “Fire From Heaven” by Dr. Anthony L. Lilles. It is subtitled “Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom”. There are some things you cannot write about unless you have experienced them, and I a convinced that Dr. Anthony has experienced deeply the contemplative and mystical experiences he speaks about in his wonderful book. It is available on Amazon and on Leaflet Missal’s website.

While you are at it, why not subsribe to the Magnificat, a monthly edition of beautiful sacred art, daily mass readings, multiple stories about saints, and a brief brieviary sent to your mail box each month. You can subscribe at http://www.magnificat.com and be blessed for a year.

In case you are retired or on semester break, you might have time to do some additional study of importance. I highly recommend the website Mary’s Hill where you can learn about the coming Era, the Era of the Divine Will, the Book of Heaven, and the teachings given to Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, 1865-1947, Corato, Italy. Books and blogs by Mark Mallet and Daniel O’Connor are highly recommended.

While you are at it, go to the website, Listen for Life, and order cd music by Donna Stoering on the piano and Erin Marie Nolan on the Viola. Donna and her daughter are gifted musicians and their music springs from the Holy Spirit.

May I recommend to you the teachings on the Divine Will available on YouTube, their websites, and Mary’s Hill of Fr. Thomas Celso, Fr. Joseph Leo Ianazzi, Mother Gabrielle, and Frances Hogan.

So, there you have it: your remaining summer’s homework and leisure.

God bless you and keep the faith. Keep your eyes on the Lord, not the propaganda filling the t.v., smart phones, and publications.

Take time out and watch the first two seasons of “The Chosen”, the very anointed film featuring Jesus and His Apostles, now even on YouTube. The third season is currently being produced in Utah.

Happy summer. Mother Mary, pray for us. Pour upon us Holy Spirit. Jesus, I trust in You.
“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” God is love. We pray for His peace. Amen

Prayers to Avert Nuclear War

Let us storm heaven, on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saturday, July 16, 2022, with prayers, rosaries, fasting, mass intentions, and acts of mercy in order to avert a nuclear war between North Korea and Iran against the United States of America. Please contact your friends, pastor, and your religious communities to join us in this special prayer intention on July 16th.

In 1984, I aired a talk given by Dr. Helen Caldicott on one of my four radio shows about the effects of a nuclear war. Dr. Helen said that it would not only destroy humans, but civilization including the works of Beetoven, Bach, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Monet, Leonardo de Vinci, Shakespeare, and all other works of art, including architecture like the great cathedrals of Europe. I was devestated. As I looked up at the transmitter’s red light, I realized that there is a power greater than a nuclear bomb and that is God.

I then went to my studio and created a poster illustrating the planet earth as photographed from the moon and placed a diagonal line through it with the caption: NUCLEAR FREE ZONE. Next, I hung the poster all throughout the Siarra Foothills village where I was living. Then, I went to a meditation camp in the redwood grove of Mendocino where I prayed my very first rosary IN TEARS pleading with the Blessed Virgin Mary to stop the threat of a nuclear war. Many years later I learned that, indeed, there was a plan for a nuclear war in 1984 and that the huge stockpile of nuclear armaments was miraculously “defused” and that nuclear war never took place, thanks be to God.

The threat of another nuclear war has arisen. We MUST take action. We cannot sit back in our easy chairs and concentrate on Covid, vaccinations, inflation, the price of gas, the cost of food, the cost of housing, and other such matters. We need to get on our knees and PRAY. Let us UNITE on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and plead with her to avert the threat of a nuclear war. I beg of you, PLEASE honor our urgent request for prayers, sacrifices, fasting, mass intentions, and multiple rosaries. Gather together and pray, pray, pray.

Jesus, I trust in You. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Most Precious Blood of Jesus, save us and the whole world. Lord, grant us your peace. Amen, Fiat. Jesus, Mary, and Luisa, united with us as we pray. Amen.


Today, I read a few pages taken from “The Hours of the Passion”, originating in the teaching given by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta, (1865-1947), and included in Chapter 24, page 313, the “The Crown of Sanctity” by Daniel O’Connor. Here is a taste of the book, “The Hours of the Passion”, taken from the scene of the scourging at the pillar of Christ on the original Good Friday:

“But this is not all; two more take their turn, and with hooked iron chains they continue the excruciating massacre at the first blows, that flesh, beaten and wounded rip open even more, and falls to the ground, torn into pieces. The bones are uncovered, the Blood pours down – so much, as to form a pool of Blood around the pillar.”

“You say, [i.e words from Jesus taken down by his secretary, Luisa Piccarreta], All of you who love Me, come to learn the heroism of true love! Come to dampen in my Blood the thirst of your passions, your thirst for so many ambitions, for so many intoxications and pleasures, for so much sensuality. In this Blood of Mine you will find the remedy of all your evils.”

No wonder Fr. Jim Blount SOLT, prays 500 times each morning the following:

“Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world.”

Here is homework for Lent beginning Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Fr. Blount understands the power of the shed precious Blood of Christ! Let us begin.

Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it Is in Heaven. Read the “Book of Heaven”.


Holy and Blessed New Year

As we enter fully into the End Times and forthcoming chastisements, it would be wise for us to recall very important messages given to us from Jesus in the past. For example, on September 9, 2007, Jesus said to the visionary at Holy Love in Ohio:

“Today I come to help society understand the impact of just one abortion upon the world. When human life, which is divinely created in the womb is destroyed by the sin of abortion, the course of human history is changed forever. All which that human being would have accomplished in his lifetime is left abandoned. In place of this life given by Heaven, Satan is allowed to place an angel of darkness, which influennces all the lives that would have been touched by the one sacrificed upon the altar of abortion – the altar of self-love.”

“This is the reason for so much evil in the world today. You are living in a world profoundly affected by this one sin alone – abortion.”

Yes, all Jews, Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics know, according to the Ten Commandments given to Moses, that murder, killing of a baby in his mother’s womb, is a sin. We all know that. We have also been warned by St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta that the consequences of abortion is nuclear war. We also have be told via messages from heaven to earthly visionaries that certain aborted babies that were destined by God to cure cancer and other diseases, were aborted by their mothers. But did we know that for every child that is killed in his mother’s womb, “Satan is allowed to place an angel of darkness, which influences all the lives that would have been touched by the one sacrificed upon the altar of abortion – the altar of self-love”? Look around. Do you sense, if not see, evil pervading us night and day. Do you see increased hatred, violence, sin, increasing addiction to pornography, sex outside of marriage, drug and alcohol abuse, terrorism, shop-lifting, and more? Yes, the seals mentioned in Revelations have been opened. We are now living in those days predicted in the Bible.

Now, it would be very wise to teach our children to Consecrate themselves to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. On October 12, 2006, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque gave this consecration to the visionary at holylove.org:


“Dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I love You very much. I want to give You this present moment and all the future moments of my life. I always want to please You. I give You my heart today and always, and pray You will unite it to Your United Hearts. Place in my heart, dear Jesus and Mary, the desire to help sinners turn to You. Amen.

If you are Catholic, hurry to confession. Repent! Pray the rosary! Prepare for The Warning, The Illumination of Conscience. Everyone will experience a mini-“death” whereby all the sins of one’s lifetime will be revealed to us, as happens at the time of death. This is an act of Divine Mercy. After the time of mercy, St. Faustina has been told by Jesus and wrote in her diary, we will experience a time of God’s justice.

Wake up, people. Turn back to God. Convert. “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In the end, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be peace and faithfulness.

Love, faith, peace, and blessings from God to you and your families in this New Year, 2022.


So, by now, most of the Christmas cookies are eaten, the Irish crystal is put back into the China cabinet, the presents are being worn and the candles on the Christmas Advent wreath are down to their base. It was a good Christmas if we recall the multiple blessings received at Our Lady of Grace house of prayer. The mandolin at the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe set us off in tears of joy. The Christmas Eve holy Sacrament of the Mass was beautiful with Pastor Tom carrying the Baby Christ Child down the candle lit aisle. He had previously purchased it on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Only God knows how he fit the Baby Jesus into his luggage. Christmas Day 1:00 p.m. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Spanish was wonderful with Fr. Francisco and the anointed choir and musicians. Thanks be to God!

So, now, we catch our breath and wait for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God and the Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord on Saturday, the first day of 2022, followed by The Epiphany of the Lord on Sunday the second of January. We will get out our new calendars and get them blessed and then write the year, 2022, in chalk over our doors and seal them with blessed oil.

Good. So far, so good. But, before we go any further, let us plan to consecrate our families to Jesus and Mary. As Our Lady has warned us, the final confrontation will be with the family. They are being targeted. The goal is to destroy the family. We know who wins. It is all laid out for us in Revelations. But, in the meantime, in case you have not noticed, the family is under a massive attack. How many families are in the midst of turmoil and a lack of peace? How many children are chained to their smart phones and video games, if not alcohol and drugs? How many parents are tempted to cheat on their spouses? Even if the parents are setting a good example and the children are being taught the faith at home, if they go off to a public school, much damage will be done as the secular agenda will attempt to unravel the sound teachings of the Our Lord found in the Scriptures. We need help. We need to pray DAILY as a family. This is not a option but a necessity. Yes, eventually there will be peace in the world and everyone will know Jesus is the Son of God, but before that, we will pass through a great battle that will require strong spiritual defense and strong spiritual warfare.

I invite you and urge you to pray the following Consecration of Families to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, perhaps daily. If you happen to be Roman Catholic, PLEASE also pray the rosary as a family each day. Here is the Consecration:

“Sacred and United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, You are one in purpose as You desire the salvation, holiness, and sanctity of each soul. We consecrate our family to You seeking Your victory both in our hearts and in the world. We acknowledge the perfection of Your mercy in the past, the abundance of Your provision in the future, and the supreme sovereignty of the Father’s Divine Will in the present moment. We desire to be part of Your triumphant reign beginning in this present moment through our ‘yes’ to Holy and Divine Love. We wish, with the help of Your grace, to live out this consecration through every future moment. Thus we will be united in triumph with You, dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Amen”

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.

Love and blessings in the New Year, 2022!!!!


Dearest Lord, how can I ever thank you for the gift of my all-time greatest Thanksgiving? It took eighty-one years to strike it rich. Yesterday, I discovered a gold mine, this time, not under the streets of Grass Valley and Nevada City, but somewhere in a place like heaven. Oh sure, I have little memories of past Thanksgivings, for example the childhood memory of Thanksgiving in Grampa Bill and Gramma Bess’s lovely old brick farm house south of Clear Lake, Iowa, where Gramma Bess ate the crisp skin off the big ol’ bird and one of the many aunts passed a hat with names of all the “rellies”, to draw names for Christmas presents on December 25. I must have been five or six years old. We sat at the big dining room table with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and grandparents and ate our feast in God’s country. We looked forward to the coming Christmas where we could slide down the hill south of the beautiful brick farmhouse on a rare piece of Iowa prairie that had a hill, whereas most of the land in north central Iowa was as flat as a pancake due to the glaciers.

Yes, there was the Thanksgiving in Lenox, Massachusetts when we took a walk through the woods behind my house in the Berkshires and imagined what it was like when the Native Americans walked in those same woods. Years later, I remember big, tall Poppy carrying the large China turkey platter up the stairs of Wolf Back Ridge, high on top of the world overlooking the blue Pacific and San Francisco by the Bay. He said to Nonnie, “You might as well give this big platter to Sue as she uses it every Thanksgiving!” It may still be sitting behind the tall cupboard doors in the dining room where my second born cut her wedding cake.

Those were the days, my Lord. But what you unfolded for us yesterday was a taste of heaven on earth. For a day or two, I prayed that our celebration of Thanksgiving would be anointed, and believe me, Good Lord, You heard and answered my prayer!!! First of all, the terribly beautiful Italian pottery plates set out with the hors-d’oeuvres were irresistible. Then, the little dog stole my heart and brought the memory of my soul sister, living in Texas, to mind, as she would have fallen in love with that little fellow.

But, thanks be to God, the experience of FELLOWSHIP took on new meaning. For the very first time in my life, I experienced the FELLOWSHIP one must experience in heaven, where everyone is on the same page, all in love with The Lord, and all full of good will, joy, life, and wonder. God knows that most of us usually over eat at Thanksgiving with mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. But for the first time in my life, I did not eat the wonderful fare. Instead, I became inebriated with ecstasy from the lively conversation about monasteries, monks, California missions, saints, deacons, priests, “Poem of the Man-God”, and on jand on. I was in heaven. I was being fed by another kind of Thanksgiving meal. It was truly the best Thanksgiving of my eighty-one years and the best social gathering of my entire life.

I want to thank the Lord. I want to thank St. Anthony for helping us find the place, having left home without the house address. I want to thank the extraordinary family that hosted the Feast from Heaven. I want to thank the chef. I also want to thank my adopted son who shared his prayer of Thanksgiving on the Vigil of Thanksgiving with us on blue jeans.com He said that he wanted to thank the Blessed Virgin Mother, because without her, most of us would have not been gathered together praying her holy rosary every Wednesday night, if she had not gathered us all together. Thank you, Blessed Mother. you did it for the least of your children, Sue City Sue. Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary, my Mother!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you His peace. Amen.


Dear Readers,

Normally, one does not like to announce bad news. Yesterday, I read a message from heaven given to Valentina Papagna, In 1984, I had four shows on a local radio station. On one of my radio shows, I played a talk by Dr. Helen Caldecott. She spoke of the devastation of a nuclear war that would not only destroy human life but the works of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, etc. I felt fear and a deep sadness. Then, I looked up at the big transmitter in the studio of the radio station with a shining red light and had the thought, “There is something greater than a nuclear bomb.” I, of course, was thinking of the Almighty God. I hung posters all over my village with a picture of the planet earth with a slanted slash drawn through it with the words: “Nuclear Free Zone”. Then, I went to Mendocino and at a Sufi camp, I prayed my very first rosary in tears with the intention of ending the threat of a nuclear war. Years later, I learned that there was a stock pile of nuclear bombs off Alaska that were miraculously defused. We had no such nuclear war, thanks be to God and thanks to Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Fast forward thirty-seven years. Yesterday, I read the message from heaven from the Blessed Mother given to Valentina. Today at mass I kept remembering, “Covid will be like a cake walk compared to the coming war.” So, I put down my studies, ate my lunch, and decided to send you this warning. The purpose is not to muster up fear, but to plead with you to pray, pray, pray, and if you know how, pray the holy rosary for peace with the intentions to avert such a war. If possible, pray very sincerely and deeply in tears. Only two times have I prayed the rosary in tears: my prayers were answered both times. The first time was in 1984; the second time a friend was miraculously healed of deep depression.

So, here is the message:

“Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy then said, “I come to bring you sad news. China is preparing for war. Soon, it will happen. It is not far away but at the door.” she said. “They hate their neighboring countries, but mostly the western world; these countries are Australia, America, and England. These countries have decided to build submarines to defend themselves, but that will take long years to do.” “But what China is preparing is very close.” She said, “The Governments know something about this, but they keep it secret from the people.” “When this war happens, there will be a lot of blood spilt and death and destruction. But tell people not to give up hope. After this horrible war, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, and God will send on earth a period of peace for humanity. “People are worried about the Corona virus, but that is nothing compared to this war. After this war, people will change dramatically. They will become more humble, more appreciative in life, and life will be more simple.”

(The visionary then saw a vision of many helicopters flying very low in the air. The sky was so full of them that they looked like grasshoppers. Their exterior was a mixture of light to dark shades of brown, with an extra-long tail, unlike regular helicopters…..They looked like robots, quite terrible looking.)

So, that is the message I read yesterday, October 23, 2021. Get on your knees and pray. Pray the rosary if you know it, from the heart. Consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ask for the protection of St. Michael, St. Joseph, and all the saints and angels of God. Be not afraid. Remember St. John Paul II’s words in his adorable Polish accent: “BE NOT AFRAID!” Cover yourself with the Precious Blood of Christ. God to Confession God to mass; received the True Body and Blood of Christ; pray unceasingly. Jesus, I trust in You. Remember, BE NOT AFRAID.

Love and blessings always!

The Immaculata

“Today, like any other day, we wake up empty and afraid. Let the beauty we love be what we do.” These words from my favorite poet, a Persian mystic of the 13th century, J. Rumi, came to mind as I contemplated the Marian Conference at Our Lady of Grace in Castro Valley, California, held this past Saturday, October 16, 2021. Unlike the words of this poem, October 16th was unlike any other day. It was a day to remember with great joy and gratitude! Not only was it the anniversary of the very date of the original meeting in Rome of the founding of the of the Militia of the Immaculata by Maximillian Kolbe, (then called Raymond, who was later called Maximillian as he did everything the the max!), it was also the 80th Anniversary year of St. Maximillian Kolbe’s Martyrdom, also, the Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, the French Visitation nun who received many mystical revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the 17th century, and more. At 3:00 a.m. on the morning after the fabulous Marian Conference, I woke up totally inspired to write this blog, especially when I read in “The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarretta” on page 597 by Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, Ph.B., STB, M.Div., STL, STD, the following:

“The Feast of the Purity of Mary of October 16, 1888, is not to be confounded with the Feast of the Purification of Mary of February 2. Exactly 90 years after Luisa’s spiritual marriage on earth, on October 16, 1978, Pope John Paul II would be coronated pontiff.”

So, speaking of important dates, October 18, 2021, the day of the penning of this blog, we are celebrating the twenty second birthday of my first grandchild, whom I greeted on his bike as he rode to his job on the edge of the Pacific. God bless him and all the youth of our day!

So, what made this particular Marian Conference so wonderful? I am a zealous convert and since 1995 until the covid lockdown, I attended almost every Marian and/or Eucharistic and/or Divine Mercy and/or Charismatic and/or healing conference and/or Carmelite Conference available in Northern California, from Foster City to Concord, to Fresno, to South San Francisco, to San Ramon, to Oakland, to Irvine, (in Southern California), to Paso Robles, to Los Vegas, Nevada, (not in Northern California), to Brentwood, to San Francisco, to Modesto, to Santa Clara and more. I became somewhat of a connoisseur of Catholic conferences and the one this past Saturday was over the top extraordinary. To make a little plug for the power of prayer, I asked for the anointing of the conference as one of my intentions in every rosary I prayed the week prior to the conference. I take no credit.

Get to the point! What did make this particular conference so outstanding. Was it the academic backgrounds of the speakers? Well, yes, there were a number of PH.D holders on the speaker’s platform, but the talks were not dry, academia driven. Instead, although thoroughly schooled, the speakers spoke from the heart through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. For example, Dr. Matthew Thomas, a professor at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, gave half of his talk on the Patristic Fathers of the Church and their understanding of Mary. The other half of the talk was a sharing of his adorable tale of discerning whether or not he should propose to his current wife and mother of his four children. So too, Fr. Francisco Nahoe, OFM. Conv., is a professor at the Zaytuna College in Berkeley and a brilliant academic and gifted teacher of the Scriptures. His delivery was flawless and captivating, not dry and dull. Fr. Thomas Caeck, OFM Conv. and second in line in the National Militia of the Immaculate, always speaks from the heart. His talk was honest, straight forward, and revealed his journey towards the Immaculata and as always, included a tale or two from his faith-filled grandparents.

The final speaker I will announce was the man of wisdom. He revealed his age to us, i.e. eighty years. He is the first ever lay person to be the National head of the Militia of the Immaculata. In more enlightened cultures, one always knew that wisdom comes with age. Well, Mr. John Galten, the MI National President, deserves to wears this title of the wise one on his shirt of humility. He began by saying that we are living in a culture and an age where the persons in power are wearing Brooks Brothers suits and carrying Gucci bags. He has the wisdom of a sage and a very deep understanding of Saint Maximillian Kolbe along with great insight into the MI Villages and their purpose and heavenly assistants. We cannot compete with mystical knowledge and the wisdom of age. Mr. Galten is a treasure trove of both and we were very blessed to sit in his presence.

The bottom line is this: may the Militia of the Immaculata Marian Conference be the first of an annual event. My gratitude goes out to the Holy Spirit who was running the show on Saturday, along with the pastor, the speakers, the facilitator of our local MI Village, Ron, and to the facilitator of the catered lunch, Vickie. May God spread this message far and wide at this unique time in the history of God’s planet earth.

Jesus, I trust in You. Thy Will be done. I give You my will, please give me Yours in return. Let Your Kingdom come! Let Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven!

St. Maximillian Kolbe, pray for us. St. Francis, pray for us. Our Lady, The Immaculata, pray for us. Come Holy Spirit, fill us with your gifts. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen