How are you? How was your day? Did you find time to pray to God? Were you sad? Were you tired or in pain? Did you have too much to do? Were you lonely? Did you feel anxious? Were you happy? Were your prayers uninspired? Did you want to avoid talking to The Lord? Did you find time to read and pray the Liturgy of the Hours or The Magnificat or other holy books? Are you scheduling a confession for the month of May? Are you planning to observe First Friday and First Saturday of May?

If you had a bad day, or if you are sad and a bit discouraged, I recommend that you go to YouTube and watch and listen to today’s mass said by Fr. Chris at the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Mass. for the memorial mass of St. Louis de Montfort. It will inspire you and cheer you up, giving you hope!!!!

St. Louis de Montfort wrote two wonderful books. You and buy a thin, cheap paperback of the complete consecration to Jesus through Mary by St. Louis de Montfort. I purchased mine years ago in Medjugorje. It is the fastest way to become a saint!

Today is April 28, 2021. Today is the twenty-third anniversary of my entering into the Roman Catholic Church. I was fifty-eight years old. It was twenty-three years ago, on April 28, 1998 when I received my First Communion and Confirmation. Thanks be to Jesus, His Mother heard me pray my very first rosary in the summer of 1984. She gave me a message through a visionary who was leading the rosary and the rest is history. St. Paul had the scales removed from his eyes. My eyes were opened. I had lost my faith!!! I did not even have my daughter baptized!!!!!! I only had her christened. God help me. Thanks be to God, I prayed with tears my very first rosary as I feared a nuclear war back in the days of 1984. Our Lady heard my prayer and I began to attend daily mass. Thank you, Jesus.

Do a consecration to Jesus through Mary by St. Louis de Montfort and see the miracles unfold for you.

God bless.

Pray the rosary.


May the good Lord, in His great mercy, help me to write this blog. May our hearts be filled with His love and mercy. May we receive the grace to forgive our neighbors. May we use our God given talents for the greater glory of God and the good of our neighbor. May the Lord grant us the wisdom to see the truth and to have the courage to fight for it, using our talents. May we, as a Nation, as a people, wake up! May we trust in God. May we put our faith in God. May we surrender ourselves and our Nation to God. Amen

Last night, Thursday, February 25, 2021, at 5:45 p.m., EST, was the opening of the CPAC meeting in Orlando, Florida. It will close on Sunday, February 28, 2021, after the 3:40 p.m. EST, with a speech by Donald J. Trump. The meeting began last night with a Jewish Prayer Service. Saturday will begin with another Jewish Prayer Service, a Catholic mass, a Purim luncheon, and a Shabbat dinner. Sunday will begin with an 8:00 a.m. EST Catholic mas and a Protestant Church Service. Yes, let us put God first. Let Him be our guide, our Wisdom, our Truth, and our Life.

All of this is available and streamed LIVE on your computer at FOX. Do not miss it. Ask your children and grandchildren to watch it. It will be an education. Tell your neighbors to watch it. Make a party. It is way more important than that annual football game where everyone gets together to watch the pig skin.

In order to convince you that is truly important to watch the CPAC meeting this long weekend, I am going to relate to you some of the titles of the talks and discussions that will be part of this very important meeting. The USA has been a beacon for the world, especially the world Nations that have been taken over by dictatorships and Godless Nations ruled by the Communist Party. Let us realize the gift we have been given to be born in the Nation of the free and the brave. Let not this C. virus be such a distraction that we ignore that our Nation is under serious threat of losing its foundation, built upon the Constitution and the Amendments. Pray for this Nation. Pray for the leadership of this Nation. We were one Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Let us hold tight and fight for this! Amen.

So, here is a sampling of the topics to be discussed at CPAC this long weekend:

I have typed the names of the talks and the discussions twice, and Word Press has repeatedly deleted them. So much for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

God have mercy.


Six hundred and nine years ago this coming Wednesday, January 6, 2021, St. Joan of Arc was born. Let us pray to this saint for courage, wisdom, and the guts to do what ever is possible to prevent the loss of our constitutional government with freedoms and liberty of speech, religion, and the right to carry arms. Let us ask St. Joan to awaken Americans from their sleep and apathy. Let us ask our French Maiden to share with us her courage to save our Nation, the United States of America. Communist China has secretly declared war on our Nation. Yes, war, but another kind of war. This is a war of communication, of technology, of drugs, of political interference within the House of Representatives and the Senate, and within our educational system, religions, and all aspects of our life.

Recently, I heard a huge, long list of names, both Republicans and Democrats, in the Congress, who were listed in a printout, originally in Chinese, of members of the Chinese Communist party. The presenter of this list is not accusing those named as being members of the Chinese Communist party, but is asking them to prove they are NOT, by their actions and not their words. This past election in November was so corrupt, that it boggles the mind. There is no time for people of the USA to be on the fence, or not to be concerned with the forthcoming President of the USA. This is the final hour.

There will be a peaceful demonstration in D.C. on January 5th and 6th. President Trump will see how the people of America are true patriots and are fighting for him. Those who are going to attend this national peaceful protest will be facing hotels not accepting reservations in D.C., restaurants being closed in D.C., and roads into the city being closed. Yet, the demonstration will go on. It will be ignored by the media, just like they ignored that last BIG, peaceful demonstration in D.C. You can watch it on and on Please pray for the protection of President Trump, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones. Then, do all you can to turn the tide of this Nation that has been infiltrated with the plan to take over the constitutional republic established by our Founding Father.

The French Maiden was virtually alone. An exorcist recently said that President Trump has been alone, like Joan of Arc, as described in the book of the maiden by Mark Twain. Fly to D.C. and join the Patriots on January 5th and 6th. If you cannot, at least go to your State Capitol building and stage a peaceful protest. Pray to St. Joan for courage and strength. Remember Gandhi as he made his march to the sea, protesting his government peacefully. Make this your Salt March of Peace. If for some reason, you cannot make it to D.C. nor to Sacramento, or whatever State capital, like Des Moines, Iowa, at least have a mass said for the USA and for President Trump. If you can, fast on Wednesdays and Fridays for this intention. At least pray multiple rosaries for this intention. Do I have to remind you what happens to Catholics in Communist China? Do I have to remind you what happened in China during the uprising? My daughter’s school friend was there, on T. Square, at the time!!!!

Read the messages from given to the visionary in Ohio to learn what God the Father thinks about the election and the Great Reset. Read the Christmas message given by Jesus Christ to Ned Dougherty on 12-25-20, “Contemplation on the Nation by Jesus” available via Listen to Jeffrey on You Tube at The Prather Point to find out more about the global WW4 with China, which is a cyber war, an information war, a bio-weapons war, etc. Watch “Cross Roads”, watch Joshua Philips’s Real Developed News, “Who is Stealing America?” STOP watching main stream media which will fill you full of FEAR of the Corona virus, the bio-weapon developed in the lab in Chapel Hill and then given to the top scientist from the Wuhan lab, who had it tweaked Down Under, giving it the HIV delivery system. Okay, listen to the author of the Anti-bioweapons International Law, Professor Francis Boyle interviewed on Infowars and for more details. Listen to the homily of Cardinal Burke, speaking from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Cross, Wisconsin, on her feast day, for more details.

Do NOT fall asleep. Your country and your freedoms are at stake. Pray to St. Joan of Arc and her soldiers of light and courage to come to our aid. Pray to St. Michael and his warriors to come to our aid. BECOME A PATRIOT, before it is too late to fight.

I ask all of these prayers in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and I put this Nation, the USA, under the protection of Our Lady of All Nations, so help me God. Amen.


So, as a credentialed, life-time, retired high school teacher of the humanities, English literature, and speech, I want to give you a little homework for Advent and for the New Year, 2021. The homework is due each Friday, beginning today, December 11, 2020, followed by Friday, December 18th, December 25th, January 1st, etc., throughout the New Year each Friday. The weekly homework can be found on line, or on pages 304-322 in the book, “The Crown of Sanctity – On the Revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta”, by Daniel O’Connor. We are going through troubling times. The passages are from the “Hours of the Passion” taken from the writings of Luisa Piccatreta, 1867-1947, in book form, available on line, or from pages 304-322 in Daniel O’Connor’s wonderful book. Even if only one person in each village prays The Hours of the Passion, or let say, 24 people share in the 24 hours by each praying one hour of the passion, much reparation is promised, along with some lessening of the tribulation. Yes, this year, the Birth of the Christ Child, is celebrated on a FRIDAY, this December 25, 2020. Let us all join in this effort to share with The Blessed Mother, the Hours of Our Lord’s Passion in reparation. Thank you, Jesus.

Let us also heed the message given to Valentien Papagna at St. Patrick’s Church, in Parramatta, that she received from Our Lord Jesus Christ on November 27, 2020, Melbourne, Victoria:

“You know how they are rushing to approve the vaccine. They are going to force it into everyone. But, I want to warn you ahead of time, do not accept it. There are many evil and poisonous substances that are mixed together in the vaccine, and they are trying to force them into the human body. This will do more harm than good, and it will not prevent the virus. In time, the virus will vanish and disappear when people will pray and ask Me to help them, to be merciful and forgive them. Only I can stop it.” More information is available at

God bless you. God bless and protect America. Offer up a prayer for our President. May the Christ find great love coming from you to Him on His birthday, December 25th! Amen


If we let those behind it, get away with this election fraud, this country is OVER. I don’t care if you don’t like Trump. I don’t care if you don’t like smelly cheese. On the other hand, if you don’t like the United States of America, for which it stands, move to South America to the country that begins with the letter V. They used the same corrupt voting machines, and look were it got them. This is not about Trump; this is about freedom. Wake up America! Once you let “them” get away with this mega fraud, bye, bye America. As LtG. Michael T.. Flynn said on November 28, 2020 on on his Emergency Message to America, this fight is for his children, his grandchildren, and for a beacon for the whole world. If justice is not served, you-we-they have sold out our country. Stand up America! Stand up for God and for one Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

My country ’tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty. To thee I sing. Land where our Fathers died; land of the Pilgrim’s pride. From every mountain side, LET FREEDOM RING.

November 7, 2020

Dear Readers,

Today, I wrote a four page hand written birthday letter to my good friend in Switzerland, telling her about my recent total immersion into The Divine Will, based on the teachings given to Luisa Piccarreta and and beautifully explained to me by Professor Daniel O’Connor in his two recent books, “The Crown of History”, with 108 pages, and “The Crown of Sanctity”, with 561 pages. The bottom line is: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, which Christians have been praying for 2,000 years. God is not a liar. The two books by Daniel explain how this will all come about.

Having finished the letter, I looked at my watch. I had only 30 minutes to get ready in order to attend the Vigil mass at 11:00 a.m. on this First Saturday where we pray for the reparations of sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For twenty years, I was a member of o.c.d.s., the secular branch of the Order of Carmel Discalced. Yes, it is known as a contemplative order. But today, more than ever before during those twenty years, I felt a very strong sense of recollection during the hour I sat in Church. Thanks to God, thanks to special blessings given by God the Father via the apparition site in Ohio called Holy Love, thanks to Daniel, thanks to Our Lady, thanks to her Son, and all saints and friends who may have been praying for me, I felt this sense of peace and contemplation.

I spoke briefly to the pastor about the peace I felt after recently reading Mark Mallett’s blog where he said, no matter what the Pope may or many not have said, no matter who wins the election, the bottom line, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to Love God with your whole heart. Thank you, Mark!

As we drove home from mass, the clouds in the sky were so beautiful. They reminded me, ever more beautifully, of my 1977 paintings. Thank you, Jesus. After a delightful lunch, I opened up my laptop to make a reservation for tomorrow’s mass. There were the headlines smeared all over the Yahoo website: the alleged results of the alleged outcome of the vote in Pennsylvania.

I clicked onto to watch Fr. Leon’s reading of the Gospel and hear his homily. The screen kept going to the rosary by Denis and Cathy, and not the English mass in Medjugorje. Finally, I surrendered and prayed the rosary with Denis and Cathy, the founders of, which presents 24-7 live and recorded masses, prayers, and talks from Medjugorje, Bosnia. I began watching their rosary daily during my recovery from my hip replacement in March and was totally inspired by their prayers. Today, was not different. Denis and Cathy knew just what to do with the news of the day. They focused on Our Lady, who has been appearing in Medjugorje daily for nearly forty years!!!!!

If you are afraid, upset, or letting go of your sense of peace, please turn on your lap top or smart phone and pray the rosary with Denis and Cathy on on this day, which is a test of your faith.

Do not hesitate. Pray the rosary TODAY with Denis and Cathy from their basement studio in Indiana and watch the children praying the rosary for peace as they walk on the rocky ground of the mountains behind St. James in the village of Medjugorje. You will be touched by these children. Our Mother will take your hand and restore your peace.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us Your Mother as you hung on The Cross. Amen Pray the rosary. Pray for God’s will. Pray the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy with the intention of God having mercy on the USA, protecting it from communism. Amen

Living in the Divine Will

If you have been following my blog for the past year or more, you might wonder, why is she forever inspired by this or that to the max? Blame it onto the Amma Colonies in Iowa. You see, this blogger is related to the early immigrants who established their religious community in Iowa on many beautiful acres of rich, black soil. They were named The Inspirationalists. Their land was, and still is, between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. My ancestor was a cook in their communal kitchen. So, I have a habit of being inspired. It comes naturally. My ancestors on my mother’s side of the family came from Germany seeking religious freedom They believed that they could hear and speak directly to God, without an intercessor.

So, what, may you ask, has inspired this great-great-great granddaughter this time? It is none other than a fabulous book entitled, “The Crown of Sanctity – On the Revelations of Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta – Two Thousand Years Later, The Greatest Prayer Will Not Go Unanswered” by Daniel O’Conner. It is a big book, over 561 LARGE, (11×8 1/2 inches) pages of print. I was determined to NOT write this blog until I had finished every page, but alas, I cannot wait. I am on page 481 and cannot let another day go by without spreading the word!

Before reading “The Crown of Sanctity”, I read Daniel’s little book, only 108 pages, entitled “The Crown of History – The Glorious Era of Universal Peace”. Before that, I “met” Daniel at a podcast with Mark Mallett on their website, Countdown to the Kingdom. I was very drawn to this very humble college professor as he comes from Upstate New York, where I studied annually with my former spiritual teacher and from where I found my husband! So there!

It is really hard to know where to begin as this subject is so vast and huge, yet so very clear and simple to understand. Daniel very heroically squeezed in the gist of the message that Luisa recorded in 36 volumes!!!!

Oh yes, I had heard of The Divine Will probably over twenty years ago. A young Italian woman in “my” Our Lady’s Prayer Group was translating one of the volumes into English, with the help of my shiatsu-Carmelite -fellow Iowa friend. She gave me two of the volumes, which I read, and then went on to other things. (I had a lot to learn and study being a late-comer to the faith.) Then, via an interview on of an Irish visionary, and subsequently watching a retreat in the Philippines on line of Father Joseph Iannuzzo, who published his Doctoral Dissertation on the subject. I bought his book and read the lion’s share of it. Unlike Daniel’s book, that took me by hand and walked me through the why, the wherefore, and all extenuating circumstances regarding the teachings of Living in the Divine Will as handed down to Luisa from the mouth of Our Lord and His Mother, Fr. Joseph’s book was straight forward teachings given to Luisa and further doctoral appropriate facts.

It was interesting to learn while reading near the end of Daniel’s larger book, that Luisa shared the same spiritual director, Fr. Hannibal, as the visionary at La Sallette, whom I first heard about forty-four years ago, way before I was ever Catholic, at a Sufi retreat in the high Alps in Chamonix, France. So, too, while visiting the open tomb of St. Padre Pio more recently, the young Italian translator told me that Padre Pio referred one of his conferees to Luisa.

So, even though I was asked some years ago to lead a Divine Will prayer group while attending a Carmelite retreat in Northern California, which I did not accept, I knew a former o.c.d.s. member that joined one in San Francisco, along with one of my best friends, who joined a Divine Will prayer group in Texas, I have yet to find a nearby guide nor group to join.

After nearly completing this heavy book, with which Mark Mallett and Daniel O’Connor joke that it would cause a concussion if it fell off your bookshelf onto your head, I will try to express in a few words why it is extremely important to put down your smart phone and order a copy of The Crown of Sanctity and to READ IT a.s.a.p.

Yes, this is the over simplified explanation of the gist of the book. Each of us, Protestant, as I was for all of my early life, Orthodox, and Catholic, pray the Our Father faithfully at every mass, Divine Liturgy, Sunday service, and at all individual and group prayer meetings without fail. Within the prayer Jesus has taught us, we say, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We say it, we pray it, but do we really ever ponder it? The whole point of Daniel’s book and the essence of the teachings given to Luisa is that this is really going to happen!!! Yes, God’s will, will indeed, be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Daniel carefully explains when this will happen, not giving it a date, of course, but a sequence of events. As Jesus told St. Faustina, this is the time of mercy. It will be followed by My time of justice. So, according to what Jesus told the two sisters in Ireland that have been visionaries since their youth, the time of His justice would appear to be now, as he spoke to them on March 15, 2020, the day of the lock down of all of Ireland due to the C. virus. Jesus had given the two sisters a warning some years ago, asking for special prayer meetings each week when the first seal, (referred to in the Book of Revelations), had been opened. (I met one of the two sisters in Medjugorje years ago and read their newsletter faithfully!

So the period of mercy comes before the period of justice. (There is still time to run to confession; all praise to the Lord!) The period of justice will include chastisements. Other events are predicted such as the Illumination of Conscience and Three Days of Darkness. But that is not the end of the story. If you have read the Bible or listened carefully, you would, of course know, that her Immaculate Heart will triumph. At such time will come the Era of Peace. It is not the second coming of Christ in the flesh. It is, however, a time on earth when His will will be done. Peace will reign, even in the animal kingdom.

This is a simplified, shortened brief of the times to come. Professor Daniel is a fabulous teacher and guides you through the whole shabang, with quotes from the Holy Fathers, visionaries, saints, Popes, etc., etc. He makes it easy to read and understand. He will walk you through this incredible story in the making.

I want to make you accountable. I want you to hand out the modest sum to purchase this book that was published on March 4, 2019. Know what to look forward to; know what to pray for; know God’s will, that will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Daniel explains it all. You can trust him.

Blessings, and enjoy the book. Please, so help me God, read it, share it with your friends and family, and pray, pray, pray.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

As you know, I have been on my knees pleading with you to listen and watch the daily English mass in Medjugorje said by the Dominican chaplain for English speaking pilgrims, Fr. Leon. I know, most of you are very busy and have not found the time to obey this little Iowa farm girl. So, as Fr. Leon’s homilies get better day-by-day, with the best today, even though I have said that each day for some time now, I am taking the liberty to try to summarized today’s homily, hoping this will tempt you to go to on your computer and listen and watch Fr. Leon say mass in English.

Today is a very special day, the Feast of St. Matthew, the former tax collector, Apostle, and writer of the first book of the Gospels. His original name was Levy, a good Jewish name that shows up in my daughter’s family history as the maiden name of her great-grandmother. This is also a very special day as it is the 21st anniversary of Fr. Leon’s definitive vows as a Dominican. Thanks be to God. He made his final vows in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Early on in the homily, Fr. Leon said that parents should start saving for a therapist for their new born babies, not for college. Then, he told why. As a child, he was told that he was clumsy and shy. He believed it! When he got to Oxford University for his studies as a Dominican, (having already become a physician graduating from medical school), he was having dinner with his fellow students. He said, “I am shy!” The fellow students began to laugh so hard that they had tears in their eyes. They said, You, of all people, are not shy! He said parents should save money for their newborn babies for a therapist, as they are told so many lies that they believe! (I know he loves his parents and his childhood that probably was in India.)

Back to St. Matthew. One of Fr. Leon’s favorite painters is Caravaggio, known, rather for his so-called sinful life, along with his great gift as a painter. Caravaggio was aware of his shortcomings and even spent time living in a monastery to try to reform. As it turns out, when Contarelli, a donor, was giving money for the Church of San Luigi del Francesi in Rome, Caravaggio was given the first commission to paint St. Matthew for the Contarelli Chapel inside the church. Caravaggio was well aware of the dark side of life. He also knew that it was unwise to look into the darkness for very long, or it would look back at you. Fr. Leon gave the examples of Taro cards, Reikki, and more, and the danger of looking too carefully into the occult, as a evil spirit could pay you a visit, due to your dabbling into the occult opening up a portal to the dark side. The latter are my words, not Fr. Leon’s. He said the darkness will look back at you, as Caravaggio knew also.

Caravaggio was an Italian Renaissance painter during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He is famous for his dealing with light and dark in his paintings; in Italian, this is called chiaroscuro. Prior to Caravaggio, painters used black to paint a shadow. Instead, Caravaggio painted a shadow red and then painted black over it. As Fr. Leon described the artists, he said that if you look at the dark side of life too long, it will look back at you.

Thus, in the famous painting, “The Calling of Saint Matthew” by Caravaggio in the Contarelli Chapel, we can see the painter’s use of his technique of chiaroscuro. Fr. Leon walked by the Church of San Luigi del Francesi in Rome almost daily during his studies in Rome, and repeatedly viewed and studied this painting by Caravaggio. It is the major French parish in Rome. Fr. Leon then lifted his right arm and pointed his index finger slightly towards the floor. He then asked the parishioners if this reminded us of another painting. Then, he told us that Caravaggio was imitating Michelangelo’s painting of God the Father on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In the fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the finger of God is pointing at Adam; in “The Calling of Saint Matthew”, the finger of Jesus Christ is pointing at Levy, who later became St. Matthew, the Apostle and former tax-collector. Jesus saw Matthew at his seat in the custom house and said, “Follow me!” and Matthew rose and did so. Fr. Leon went on to say that Caravaggio was wise and in the painting, the only source of light was Jesus Christ.

Being an artist, and student of art history, Fr. Leon stole my heart with his story today on I hope you also are inspired to tune into his daily English masses from Medjugorje. They just keep getting better and better. If you are short of time, and cannot watch the whole mass, they have a link for the homily only. Then, too, you can join him for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the writings of St. Louis de Montfort, with the consecration on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. I assume most of you are also praying the 54 Day Miraculous Rosary with either the priests in Stockbridge, Mass. at the Shrine of The Divine Mercy or with Joan and Dave.

God bless you all. God bless Fr. Leon on the anniversary of his final vows into the Dominican Order. St. Matthew, pray for us! Amen.

Tears of Sorrow

Today, during the English mass said at Medjugorje, a tear was shed by a very old priest from Dublin, Ireland. He told the story of the hospital in Dublin called St. Vincent de Paul that includes a large amount of land. It is a Catholic hospital and it does not allow abortions. There is a plan presently to tear down this hospital and build a new one that allows abortion. The Church is considering this plan. Please, if you are a priest, offer up a mass to save this hospital and the integrity of the teachings of the Catholic Church that protects life from conception to natural birth. If you are not a priest, please get on your knees and pray to save this hospital and stop this diabolical plan. As the priest said today in his homily, Satan loves the blood of innocents to be offered up to death in his evil rituals. If possible, fast on Wednesdays on bread and water for this evil plan to be stopped. Offer your future masses for this intention if you are a lay person.

Based on first hand experience in a nearby hospital now in the hands of the Marxist agenda and the very sad news from Ireland, one can see a pattern and an agenda world wide. Years ago, a holy Catholic woman volunteered at a local Catholic hospital until she learned they were providing abortions. She left her volunteer job. The current agenda now is to attack hospitals. Our schools have already been attacked with lies being fed to our children regarding our beloved Nation and about our history. The children, beginning in kindergarden, are being fed evil lies about their sexual identity choices, sexual sins, and more. Mother Miram has requested that all Catholics pull their children out of public schools and home school their children to protect them. Fr. Michel says that the innocence of childhood is under attack.

All of our institutions have been attacked, including our colleges and universities. Marxist teachings are in vogue at these colleges. The students are taught to hate America by their liberal, socialist and Marxist professors. Of course, it is clear the churches have been attacked by Satan’s lies. Years ago, I received a letter in the mail. The stationery had to the left of the page a list of all the Protestant churches that were endorsing “freedom of choice”, that is to murder a child in its mother’s womb. Not only Protestant churches were listed, but other religions. In those days, I was given the gag rule when I sent out an e-mail to all the members of a woman’s Catholic group telling them why a Catholic could not vote for a pro-choice candidate that was on the ballot.

Of course, the media is chuck full of promotions of mortal sin. First it was the television where Satan held his court in each of our homes. Now, everyone is hooked up to a computer and a smart phone, which I have christened a dumb phone, which delivers pornography, same-sex agenda, and Marxist teachings. This is a global communist agenda. It ain’t no Fourth of July. The pandemic was orchestrated and man-made, but Satanically inspired, to facilitate this global revolt.

As I listened to the mass from Medjugorje this morning with the old Irish priest presiding, over on my computer, I noticed little Baby Jesus in the arms of St. Joseph looking at me from a tiny statue in my domestic chapel on my Mexican table, converted into an altar to God the Father and the Holy Family.

Lord, here our prayers.

Living in the Divine Will

Years ago, I had the blessing of a monthly shiatsu session in San Francisco by a fellow Iowan transplant to the Bay Area. He was brilliant with a winning personality. He had the gift of healing and I was honored to be his client for a number of years. We both were converts; we both were secular Carmelites; we both were from Iowa; we both went to the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where I began my education; we both were members of Our Lady’s Prayer Group in San Bruno, California; and we became adopted sister and brother to each other. He would play wonderful holy music during our shiatsu session, after which he would give me time to pray in his beautiful chapel. Alas, I miss him dearly. I stopped going for my shiatsu sessions as the trip up three flights of stairs was too much for my arthritis in my knees. May God bless, anoint, and protect my long-lost brother in Christ.

During the sessions, we had wonderful conversations. He was like a priest at a confessional. He told me everything and I told him everything as we both trusted each other to the max. Among many other subjects, he told me about helping an Italian friend translate into English the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will. They would do the work at St. Dominic parish in San Francisco sitting close to the Tabernacle. One day, the Italian girl gave me two books by Luisa Piccarreta, (April 23, 1865-March 4, 1947). I read them both. I first began reading The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will written by the Servant of God.

Years later, I attended a Carmelite retreat at a Franciscan retreat center in Northern California. I sat in the front row next to a woman who typed notes from the retreat “master” on her lap top. This was very upsetting to the Carmelite priest. During the retreat, although a silent one, the woman with the lap top asked me to start a Divine Will cenacle. As I thought about her proposal, I thought that being in o.c.d.s., I needed to concentrate on my Definitive Promises made with the secular Carmelites.

Some years later, rather recently, I watched on line a retreat in the Philippines on The Divine Will led by Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, Ph.B., STB, M.Div., STL, STD. I was very moved by the retreat. It had a heavenly atmosphere. I watched a few more videos of Fr. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, and then asked my husband to order the book, The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta by Fr. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, a book based on his discertation for his Ph.D from the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome. I read about 350 pages of the 747 page book. I am still reading it!

Then, Daniel O’Connor came to the rescue. I “met” Daniel through podcasts he has been doing with Mark Mallett, in connection with the website, Count Down to the Kingdom. In the podcasts, Daniel and Mark both show a fine sense of humor along with a great devotion to preparing the world for these so called End Times and the Coming of the Kingdom. They have carefully explained the seven seals found in the book of Revelations in the Bible, along with many other Catholic teachings. I have known Mark for years, as I have attended probably all the Catholic conferences where he has been a guest speaker that have been held in Northern and Central California. I have read his book and read his blog, “The Now Word” faithfully for years.

So, Professor Daniel O’Connor has become my go-to scholar to help this “Beginner’s Mind” grasp the teachings of the Kingdom of the Divine Will as given to Luisa Piccarreta, the Servant of God. I am a punk beginner on the subject, and I needed Daniel’s wonderful gift as a teacher and a writer to transmit to me the gist of the Divine Will and its awesome importance. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Daniel. I began with the reading of the book, The Crown of History, The Imminent Glorious Era of Universal Peace. It is the shortened version of The Crown of Sanctity, which my husband has ordered from Amazon for me.

Daniel so wonderfully explains in a nutshell the essence of the teachings of Jesus given to Louisa regarding the Divine Will and recorded in the multiple volumes. So, What’s It All About, Elfi? Well, it is about what we as Christians have been praying for the past 2,000 years, i.e. The Lord’s Prayer, but especially this part of the prayer: “Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” We say it every day, morning, noon, and night; we say it at mass; we say it always. Every Christian has been saying it daily for all his or her life as soon as he or she is old enough to memorize it. That prayer is 2,000 plus years old. But, according to the teachings revealed by the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, to the Italian lay woman, and translated for me in 21st century English by Daniel, the words we have been praying for the last 2,000 plus years are going to come true, unless you think God is a liar, which is impossible. Thus, according to all that Daniel has taught me via his study for ten years of Living in the Divine Will revealed to Luisa Piccarreta, the Era of Peace will come to this earth of ours. That era of peace will be anointed with people LIVING IN THE DIVINE WILL, not their own personal will. Or, one could say, their personal will will emerge into the Divine Will and become One Will. Who would have thought??!!

Well, before all this can happen, we will need to strive to make it happen. Daniel explains how. We have our work cut out for us. It, of course, is a gift, as all good things are a Gift from God. Yet, we have our part to play to expedite God’s Will by praying for it, studying it, etc., etc., etc. Now, we live in an age when all of the volumes have been translated into English. Louisa died when I was seven years old, minus 17 days. So, now that I am eighty, and feeling like a spring chicken, I begin learning about this awesome revelation of Living in the Divine Will.

I am a punk beginner, so I cannot speak to you about it. But, I can, with all my heart and soul, beg you to look into this subject further. Instead of being bogged down in the evil that is trying to distract us from Our Lord, our mission, our station in life, let us delve deeply into the teachings and revelations given to Louisa. Let us begin NOW!!!!! I am sure you are much younger than I. I am sure you will not wait until you are eighty years old to look into this. Do it NOW!!!! First, buy the little book by Daniel O’Connor called The Crown of History. It is very cheap!!! Then, if you are still inspired as I am, buy the book, The Crown of Sanctity. All the teachings and revelations of Louisa are available on line for free. For more information about Daniel O’Connor, visit his website: (He is a college professor of Philosophy in Upstate New York.) May the good Lord truly bless you as you discover the revelations of Living in the Divine Will. Thanks be to God. Thank you, Daniel, and may I make you my newly adopted son-I-wish-I-had-had!!!!!!

Jesus, I trust in You. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.