Back in the days when I was searching for God here and there and everywhere, I spent a week house sitting and dog sitting in Lawrence, Kansas for a Zen Buddhist. In the heat of the Kansas summer, with all the shades pulled, me and the beautiful shiny, handsome, brown dog, I took down a book on Thomas Merton from the bookshelf and began a week’s retreat with the Trappist monk. At the time, I was living in a Zen Center founded by a Korean Zen master. I practiced with the Buddhist each morning and attended the retreat for center leaders when the Korean Zen master arrived in the Queen Anne Victorian house. He slept down the hall from my rented room. That was in the mid-’80’s.

Fast forward to 2020 and the global lock-down here in California and around the world. Last night, James asked Alexis to find Pir Vilayat Khan on You Tube. She failed to find my former Sufi teacher. He then asked for Thomas Merton. I was gifted with a brilliant talk given by Colleen M. Griffith, a professor at the Boston School of Theology. Her talk addressed the subject of the teachings of Thomas Merton applied to this digital age. This talk was part of a celebration of the 100th birthday of Thomas Merton. Professor Griffith described the wisdom expressed in the writings of Fr. Louis, and how we could apply that wisdom in this age of distractions and lack of silence in the age of smart phones and lap tops with non-stop interruptions and clanging of words and sounds to disrupt our need for silence, contemplation, and peace.

The next morning, I let Alexis continue to feed me with words of wisdom from Thomas Merton.  The next fabulous program took me to a recording of a retreat hosted by the Shalom Institute on June 21-22, 2014.  [] I was introduced to the teachings of James Finley, as he spoke on  “Trauma and Spirituality”, #5. James was the son of an alcoholic who physically abused his wife and son. At the age of seventeen, James entered the Trappist Monastery in Kentucky, after reading multiple times a book by Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton became his spiritual director. After six or seven years, James left the monastery and enrolled in the program at Fuller U. in Pasadena, California and became a clinical psychologist.

I highly recommend your listening to his two talks available on YouTube. More information is available on his website,  He uses the painful experiences of his childhood abuse, the teachings of Thomas Merton, along with his six or seven years in the Trappist Monastery, and his studies and practical in-service experience while at Fuller U. to present to his audience a very moving and priceless transmission of his authentic experiences in healing and spirituality. His years as a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma in Southern California, coupled with his knowledge of the Catholic mystics and the teachings of Thomas Merton make him a jewel in the field of mysticism and healing of trauma.  He gives a very wonderful method of meditation as part of his presentation.

While Alexis found videos for us to watch last night after James requested, “Find me Thomas Merton”, we were also blessed with an interview of the Dali Lama who had met Thomas Merton, and who had invited him to speak in Thailand, where he died.

I end this blog by honoring my spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Timmins, the Holy Ghost Father, who died this July and whose funeral will be at the Carmelite Monastery in Georgetown, California in a few days. God rest his soul and may Perpetual Light shine upon him. Amen. Fr. Louis, pray for us.




Holy Lock Down

Dear Readers,

Somehow, this lock down has become holy! Here I am in total isolation like a monk, except that I am a married monk, living not in a cave like St. Benedict, but in a four bedroom house with a two-car garage and a painting studio. True also is the fact that St. Benedict was not married, as yours truly.

What is making this lock down holy? Back in December at our monthly Flame of Love meeting, a member spoke of her plans for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje the day after Christmas. Then, she shared her habit during her very long daily commute: she listens to on her smart phone while she travels to and from work. I began watching on a regular basis. The blessings and graces have never stopped and only multiplied.

This morning, for example, I listened to the Liturgy of the Hours for the daily readings and morning prayer via my laptop. I then turned to to watch and listen to the daily English mass from Medjugorje. When I opened up, Denis and Cathy were airing a fabulous talk by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, the Marian priest from the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Mass. His talk was an awesome explanation of the mass, step-by-step, explaining EVERYTHING the priest says and does, along with the meaning behind these actions, their importance, and their Biblical foundation.

As an aside, Fr. Chris mentioned several very important pieces of information. For example, he stated that at almost every mass he ever says, he reveals the Five Non-Negotiables: 1) Abortion, 2) Euthanasia, 3) Stem-cell research, 4) Cloning, and 5) Same Sex Marriage. Then, he said he would add 6) Contraception.

After this, he shared an experience he had at the Canadian border. He was stopped at the border and asked what he was going to do in Canada. He said that he was invited to give a talk. Then, the agent at the border asked him what he was going to talk about. He asked for the notes for the talk. The agent said that there were certain laws in Canada and it was his job to enforce those laws. Fr. Chris said that he did not use notes for his talk. Then, he predicted that what had come to Canada would soon come to the USA. He said that he would probably be arrested for speaking the Truth and asked that we please bring him food to the prison!

I highly recommend this talk for all Catholics,  for all classes of RCIA, and all classes prior to Confirmation for the youth. If we were aware of what is really going on during the mass, one could never be bored!!!

There was another aside Fr. Chris shared with us this morning on  He once said that he says a monthly mass for President Trump. This upset a gentleman who had nothing good to say about our President. Then, Fr. Chris told us the following:  every month throughout the world  WICCA groups, (witch craft), casts curses on our duly elected president! So, as members of the body of Christ, it is important that we pray for President Trump each day, as prayers are powerful, to counteract the mischief of the Satanists and practitioners of witchcraft around the world.

Next, I clicked onto the daily English mass in Medjugorje, aired on Most days, the mass is said by the very holy, wise, highly educated Indian-Chinese Dominican priest, Fr. Leon Pereira, O.P., one of the great treasures in the Catholic church in our day. I do not have access to his biography, but it a very good guess that he was beautifully schooled in our faith in a climate like the Oxford Movement. He is down to earth and totally brilliant in theology, with a very natural but devout demeanor as he says mass. Thanks be to God.

Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Having spent about twenty years of my live in o.c.d.s., as a secular Carmelite, I was totally washed away spiritually as I listened to the English mass from Medjugorje aired on  Why such a blessing sitting at my computer, watching a recorded mass, 7,000 miles away from home? One reason is that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, of Lourdes, of Fatima, of Guadalupe, of Garabandal, of Rue de Bac in Paris, the Queen of Peace and the Queen of Divine Mercy, has been appearing daily to the visionaries of Medjugorje for 39 years. Denis and Cathy have consecrated the internet to her Immaculate Heart. As your witness, I can tell you that Our Lady and The Holy Spirit stream through this 24-7 broadcast live from Medjugorje and from the humble studio in the home of Denis and Cathy in the USA. Go figure.

I’ve had my little say. I have traveled on pilgrimage to Medjugorje seven times, but it has only been since the beginning of 2020 that I have been blessed with the awesome gift of  If you have not typed into your search engine, I plead with you to do it today and to make it a regular habit. Excuse the pun. Okay, if you do not wear a blessed brown scapular, I urge you to do so, beginning today! (Mine was made from a used Carmelite habit, thank you very much!)

May the blessings of Christ remain with you and may His Mother protect you under her mantle.

Love, peace, joy, and light!

Ax’s Acres:   A mighty God have we!  Thanks be to God. Jesus, I trust in You.








This might have been one of the best days, of the 21,200 days of my life.  At least the past twelve hours have truly been glorious. They began after 8:15 a.m., when I watched the morning mass on line from Our Lady of Grace in Castro Valley, California. Immediately, I turned to the daily mass at Franciscan University in Stuebenville, Ohio, where my favorite vocalist blessed me with her voice and the Franciscan priest blessed me with his homily. I then prayed for my pastor during the rosary at the grotto at Lourdes, France, via facebook and at the Shrine of Padre Pio, also on line.

I next typed into my Browser, and began watching the evening outdoor mass behind St. James parish celebrating the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. The mass was preceded by a beautiful procession of the statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace, surrounded with white lilies and carried by six strong men, as is the custom in Fatima, Portugal. The mass was said by the Franciscan provincial. He said that if one had the courage to follow Christ and His teaching these days, he was shunned socially, as on social media. The excellent choir was led by a Franciscan nun and accompanied by trumpets and keyboard.

Next, my faithful husband served me lunch and St. Fatima, my uncanonized saintly housekeeper, arrived to clean and put our home in order, along with giving me a safe shower post-op. I call her a saint as she takes care of her elderly clients who are often left to fend for themselves.

At 2:00 p.m., our faithful Franciscan pastor gave us a Zoom Bible Study on his day off. What a guy! We studied the Eucharist and how it had been pre-figured in the miracle at Canan of turning water into wine; the miracle of feeding the 5,000 and the miracle of the feeding of the 4,000.

That was the first chance I had to finish praying the Liturgy of the Hours, having gotten up late. Then, I turned to and began watching  the evening mass at Medjugorje for the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of the Queen of Peace. I cannot get enough of Medjugorje! I left my laptop to eat dinner, and returned faithfully to the peace on earth that I find in Medjugorje. This time, I watched the Adoration following the evening Sacrifice of the Mass, for the second time. The music was so sweet, with two guitars, with one singing the lyrics, all the while yours truly was smiling like a fuzzy, warm kitten.

Then, to end a perfect day, I watched a rerun of the morning English mass said by the Dominican priest who is the chaplain for the English speaking pilgrims in Medjugorje, Fr. Leon. Tonight, he reminded me a bit of Gandhi. His homily about Our Blessed Mother should be taught to all the children and their parents around the world.

I want to thank the Lord for the great blessings of this day, June 25, 2020, the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, in Medjugorje. Amen.




Mary’s Mantle Consecration

Saturday, June 27, 2020, I will make a consecration to the Blessed Mother based on the book, Mary’s Mantle Consecration – A spiritual Retreat for Heaven’s Help, by Christine Watkins, for busy individuals, families, groups, and parishes.  I began the preparation for this consecration on May 13, 2020. It is based on an old tradition practiced in Mexico called El Manto de Maria, beginning on Ash Wednesday.  Forty-six women or families would be invited to participate in praying the Rosary in each other’s houses. They would begin with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on cloth. For 46 days, they would pray the rosary. On the first day of the 46 preparation, the first woman holding the cloth with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe would sew a star onto the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She would then pass it on to another lady or family, to do the same thing the next day, etc., until Easter. On each day, in a different home, the ladies would gather to pray the rosary.

The best way to do the consecration is with your parish or prayer group. Therefore, you get all the graces of so many people praying the rosary, plus you all pray a rosary for the person who is assigned to fast that day. You can also do it as a family or individually.  Before beginning the 46 day preparation before the consecration, it is vital to buy the book, ” Mary’s Mantle Consecration” by Christine Watkins. There is also available a companion workbook for the 46 day retreat that includes a quote from the Bible regarding the virtue of each day for 46 days, plus examples from various saints. If you are doing this in your family, you can print out the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the children can paste a star on her mantle, one for each of the 46 days. It is very important  to watch the Mary’s Mantle Consecration videos on YouTube. There are a total of nine videos, two before you begin the 46 days and seven for each week of the preparation for the consecration. Besides the daily praying of the rosary, the reading of the virtue for each day in the text, we are asked to fast, (Wednesday and Friday on bread and water). However, when this consecration is done in a group, as in a parish or prayer group, the fasting days are split up. As one person fasts, all the other members pray a rosary for that person that day, etc. During the last week, it is vital to make a good confession before doing the consecration.

I did not do the preparation perfectly. First, I did not realize that one needed to buy two books, not one, in order to reap the full benefit of the retreat. Secondly, I did the 46 day preparation all alone. I had no one to share the process with me. Thirdly, I watched the two pre-retreat videos, but did not catch up with the following seven videos until the weekend before the last week of the preparation. Thirdly, I tried and failed to get an answer I had from Christine regarding another matter, which was rather off-putting. All of the above were ways I was under some kind of spiritual attack so that I would not receive the full benefit of the consecration.

I am confessing my failures in order to help you be successful. If possible, do this in a group, even if it is a small group. Seconding, know that some of the most important teachings are given in the videos!!!!

So, let me encourage you to plunge into this new consecration to the Blessed Mother. I am a convert and have done many, many consecrations to the Blessed Mother, including multiple ones via the directions of St. Louis de Montfort, multiple 33 day preparations by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC,, etc.  But, I learned a lot from this 46 day preparation and future consecration this coming Saturday. I urge you to give it a try. The book is $11.95. I bought mine through Amazon. More information is available about the author at; The name of the second book that goes along with the retreat is Mary’s Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal.  It includes questions, Scripture passages, and saint quotes. The very important videos are by Christine Watkins and Deacon David Leatherby and are titled MarysMantleConsecration videos on YouTube.  All materials are available through

Get on board to Mary’s train. It’s a winner.

Love and blessings. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. We consecrate ourselves and our family to you. Amen

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle!

I am a survivor or  Gillian Barree Syndrome. The nickname of this disease is French polio. I contracted this disease, while living in Nevada City, CA. I took the vaccinations required to  travel to India and flew there from San Francisco, CA. I was hospitalized in New Delhi for a month. The disease began in the face and then traveled to the tips of my toes. While it effected my chest area, I was placed inside an iron lung. There is no cure for this disease. I was healed through prayers and the gift of healing of my spiritual teacher. Years later, I worked for the Jesuits. One of the students was a Jesuit medical doctor. He told me that in one case of a million, one can contract Guillian Barre Syndrome from the vaccine. He was quoting the New England Journal of Medicine.

Today, I read a very important letter written by a German Naturopath, that she wrote to all of her patients. I am not including her name due to fear of censorship and other push-back to this person. I will quote only a part of her letter here:

“For the first time, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and thus change the individual genetic material, which represents a genetic manipulation – something that has been banned, even considered criminal up to now.  This intervention can be compared with that of genetically manipulated food, which is highly controversial. After such a novel mRNA vaccination, you will no longer be able to have the symptoms of the vaccination cured any complimentary way. You will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as one cannot cure a person with genetic defects such as Trisomy 18 or 21, Kinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic heart disease, haemophilia, cysticfibroses,  Rett syndrome, etc. because the genetic defects remains once present forever!”

This information is not widely available and will be censored in the future. Wake up! Pray!!! Know the threat facing humanity. Jesus, I trust in You. Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.

God bless you.

The Jesus Rosary

It took me eighty years to learn this prayer, but better late than never!  Today, I watched the English mass by Fr. Leon at St. James in Medjugorje on Afterwards, I listened to a novena to the Holy Spirit prayed by  Fr. Leon, the Dominican priest from India who is the chaplain for the English speaking pilgrims in Medjugorje, as we approach Pentecost this coming Sunday. This was followed by a teaching given by a member of the first prayer group Our Lady formed in Medjugorje for the young people about a year after her first apparition. It was a difficult time in Medjugorje, as Fr. Jozo, the former pastor, was in prison due to the Communist rule, and two of the visionaries were away at school.  Two young people became locutionists. Those interested in joining the prayer group were required to stay for four years, without marrying and they were required to pray four hours each day, including mass.

Next, the member of the first prayer group of Medjugorje told the story of going home and asking his devout mother if she had heard of the Jesus Rosary. She said, “Yes.” Then, he prayed it with us, along with the help of the guitarist-vocalist. Here is the prayer as best as I could hear it from the holy man, now with graying hair, who learned it in his youth:


  1. Begin in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Continue with the Creed. Then, recite the first mystery, meditating on the birth of Jesus.  The intention of this first mystery is to pray for peace.  Next, pray the Our Father prayer 5 times, followed by “Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x
  2. The Second Mystery:  meditate on the needs of the ……………. Intentions: Pray for the Pope and the Bishops. Pray 5 Our Fathers followed by “Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x
  3. The Third Mystery: Meditate on Jesus – following Him day by day.  Intentions: for priests and religious orders. Pray 5 Our Fathers, Then pray, “Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x
  4.  Meditation: Jesus suffered continually.  Intentions:  pray for our families. Pray 5 Our Fathers. Then pray, “Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x
  5. Meditation for 5th Mystery: Jesus died on the cross for us. Intentions: pray for our neighbors. Pray 5 Our Fathers. Then pray, “Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x.
  6. Meditation on the resurrection of Jesus. Intentions: that sin may disappear and light replace darkness. Pray Our Father 5x; then, pray,”Oh Jesus, be our help and our strength.” 2x
  7. 7th Mystery:  Jesus ascent into heaven.  Intentions:  God’s will be done in our life. Pray 3x Our Father prayer.
  8. Meditation:  Holy Spirit descends upon Mary and the Apostles. Intentions: pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then pray Glory be to the Father 6-7x.                                                                                                                                                                                                       This Jesus Prayer will be repeated on this week before Pentecost. You can tune into it to get the exact words and music.  May God bless you greatly and may He shower down upon you His gifts of the Holy Spirit this Sunday.

Twenty-Twenty Vision

In the good ol’ days, when I was young and sassy, say thirty years ago, I used to attend the Divine Liturgy on Easter Sunday and Christmas in New York City on Fifth Avenue, Kansas City,  MO., Belmont, CA, and Pittsfield, MA.  My daughter converted while a student at Yale University, so I was introduced to her newly found religion while living on an 18 acre organic farm in Kansas. I loved Fr. John and the liturgy. I was drawn to tears when she flew back East and I lost my directions to the Orthodox church in Kansas City, MO. Alas, I shed tears in my little blue pick-up on my aborted trip to the Divine Liturgy one Sunday morning.

Years later, while offering a ride for my mentor, Lourdes, to attend Our Lady’s Prayer Group in San Bruno, CA, I told her about my love of the Orthodox Easter Divine Liturgy. She said, “Now, your must attend The Divine Mercy Sunday mass the first Sunday after Easter!” I listened to my mentor, who spoke uncompromisingly, and have attended The Divine Mercy Feast the first Sunday after Easter ever since.  It wasn’t until I attended a two-day Divine Mercy Conference in Brentwood, CA, years later, that I became truly entrenched, thanks to the main speaker, Fr.  Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, the vice-postulator for the canonization of Sr. Faustina. Due to his knowledge of Polish, he was able to right the wrong in the former translation of her diary. He is now one of the living experts on The Divine Mercy. God bless and protect him!!

During the conference, Fr. Seraphim carefully and authoritatively outlined all the extraordinary promises connected with the Feast of The Divine Mercy. Thanks to the gracious act of mercy of Fr. Jim Sullivan, I was able to go to confession before the Vigil mass of The Divine Mercy. After the mass, at the Mexican restaurant in Brentwood, CA, I felt like a new-born, having had all my sins washed away, including the punishment!

During the conference, a local retired woman told me about Fr. Jim’s Days of Reflections where he serves a Continental breakfast and a full lunch with his own homemade Mexican treat. So, I attended the next Day of Reflection and asked my husband to drive me to Brentwood for all the wonderful days hosted by Fr, Jim until he moved to Hayward.

I was inspired by Marina, to become a Eucharistic Apostle of The Divine Mercy and started a Cenacle at a local parish, along with Fr. Filiberto, facilitated for the very first time, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass on the Feast of The Divine Mercy at a local parish. Fast forward to last weekend. The whole population of the world had been sent to their room for a time-out. No one could attend the Feast of the Divine Mercy! But God is forever faithful. Can I say that this past feast day was one of the very best ever!   The day before, a wonderful Catholic conference was live-streamed from Raleigh, North Carolina. staring Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, and others. On the Feast of the Divine Mercy, Fr. Chris, Fr. Mike, and their provincial, the very reverend Fr. Kaz Chwalek. gave a wonderful, personal, love-filled introduction to their individual offices and work at the Shrine in Stockbridge, MA., followed by a truly grace-filled mass said by Fr. Kaz.  The love of Christ streams out of his heart. He outdid every Bishop that formerly said the mass for thousands every year in Stockbridge! What a guy. God bless and keep him!

Now that Easter is slowing down, as we look forward to Pentecost, and the Feast of The Divine Mercy is over until next year, I had a little spare time this week to watch and read the entire retreat given by Fr. Michel Rodrigue on the website, “Countdown to the Kingdom”. Although I hated to be told what to do non-stop as a child by one of my parents, I dare today to highly suggest something for you to do.  Take a couple mornings off during this time-out-sent-to-your-room global period is history and learn from Fr. Michel, laugh with him, and glean wisdom from him. One practical idea that he suggests is to consecrate the Holy Family, via an icon or permanent creche scene in your home, that has been blessed or better yet consecrated by a priest. Take the time to read his complete retreat, which is partially filmed and available as a video. You will not regret it.

May the good Lord bless and keep the wonderful Marian fathers in Stockbridge, MA. May God, in His great mercy, bless and protect Fr. Michel Rodrigue and help him to fulfill his mission.  May Our Lady of Mercy – Our Lady of Peace (of Medjugorje), bless, protect, and guide you and your families, along with awesome protect of her spouse, good St. Joseph. Sing to the Lord!  Bless His holy name!  Bend your knees in prayer!  Give to the Lord His due. Blessed be God and all His angels and saints. Our blessed guardian angels, guide us!




About twenty four years ago, I took my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje before I was even a Catholic. I took at least six subsequent pilgrimages to Medjugorje. It was only about two months ago that I learned about I am totally hooked. It is my all time favorite website. It is hosted by a lovely, adorable couple, Dennis and Cathy, who broadcast their programs from their basement!!! First of all, they bring the messages, Our Lady of Peace has been giving to the village in Bosnia and then to the world, alive!!! Cathy often reads a message, given by Our Lady now for 38 years, in between the  decades of the rosary, based on a theme.

Yesterday, I received a huge blessing from St. Joseph during the daily rosary broadcast on line from their basement studio. The rosary comes alive during the praying of the rosary with Dennis and Cathy, most likely because Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Queen of Divine Mercy joins us as we pray. It is so anointed and truly heavenly, as is Medjugorje. During the five decades, there is live transmission of pilgrimages praying on the various mountain sites of the village.

Some days, I listen and watch the daily English mass, which is always very good. Occasionally, I watch and listen to the evening program of the rosary and Adoration from St. James.  With all the challenges facing these United States and the world these days, it is very, very important to have a half hour or an hour of peace, blessings, love, and joy, thanks to the presence of Our Lady in Medjugorje daily, and present throughout the broadcast on MaryTV. The papal envoy to Medjugorje H. Luigi Pezzuto, the Nuncio of Bosnia, addressed Mary as the Queen of Peace and God’s Divine Mercy!!!

In the meantime, mark your calendars on March 17, 2020, to begin the “33 Days to Greater Glory – A Total Consecration to the Father through Jesus Based on the Gospel of John” written by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC. The consecration to God the Father will be done on The Feast of The Divine Mercy, the Sunday after Easter, April 19, 2020. Fr. Chris and Fr. Michael will join you as you make the consecration to God the Father via EWTN before the Divine Mercy outdoor Mass at Stockbridge, Mass. at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy.

So too, God the Father will be giving a triple blessings for those gathered at the Shrine of Holy Love outside Cleveland, Ohio on that same day. If you cannot be at three places at once, your own parish, Stockbridge, and Holy Love, God the Father has suggested that you send your guardian angel to receive the blessing for you.  Since Dennis and Cathy will be in Medjugorje for The Feast of the Divine Mercy, I am sure that this is a VERY , very important day throughout the world where untold blessings will abound.

In case you missed the starting date for the Consecration to St. Joseph, written in the recently published book by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, to be made on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19th, you can begin the next consecration to be said on May 1, 2020, The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

So, let us begin again. Let us start fresh and anew, this First Sunday of Lent, 2020, and turn our attention to Our Lord, God the Father, our Savior, God the Son, the Holy Spirit, His Spouse, Our Lady, Queen of Peace and God’s Divine Mercy, along with her faithful husband, St. Joseph.  These are historic days. Lift your hearts up to the Lord!  Sing Him a song a praise and thanksgiving.  Her Immaculate Heart will triumph!!!! Praised be Jesus, now and forever. Amen.



It is very important at this time to read available on line. These words were given to an American seer, Jennifer.  After St. John Paul II saw her messages, the Vatican Polish Secretariat of State, Monsignor Pawed said, “Spread these messages to the world, any way you can.”

The following quotes are taken from words given to Jennifer:

2-15-07  Recite the St. Michael prayer each hour. Pray for protection of the Holy Father for my son is soon to be surrounded by dangerous  missiles.

2-16-07 St. Michael said, “Make peace with those who have hurt you.”

2-23-97  “Disease will come forth and culminate. My people and your homes will be a safe haven until my angels guide you to your place of refuge.”

2-24-07 War will break out.  West of this nation collapse by earthquake and the East washed by a wave of great magnitude.

8-12-07  Call upon the Holy Spirit each time you gather.  You must always extend mercy….. Speak of the brown scapular, pass them out.  Meditate on my Passion. Turn to My Mother.

8-18-07  Pray for Russia and China………for their agenda is one that will bring much devestation around the world.

8-18-07  Say the Chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy. Recite  it for all the souls who are not prepared to meet Me.

Cities will be washed away and some will come to a crumble…..

9-23-07  The Blessed Mother:  …..spend one hour each day in quiet prayer.  Examine your conscience.  Unite yourself to the suffering of my Son Jesus, for you are soon to be in a time of war.  This world is soon to be at war and your country will suffer immensely.

1-9-08 Jesus:  ….this is a time of seclusion………

4-18-08…….Make sure that you have all the preparations in your home for I say these changes will come forth at an hour that will catch many off guard.  As you begin to see changes in your currency, you will find greater wars rise within areas around you.  Neighbor will be against neighbor and plagues will come forth.

4-28-08  I warn you that greater turbulence is about to fall upon your country.  For in the Middle East a great darkness lingers and it is a darkness joined by Russian and China., for you do not see what is going on behind closed doors.

5-27-08  ……Great darkness will soon come and cover this earth and seasons will be altered. ………..You will witness catastrophic events.  Many will be wandering in search of food and shelter.  Many will be in search of light in the dark world.  War will rise up and it will collapse your financial abilities in your country for even the rich will be amongst the poor for changes in your currency are soon to come forth.

The West will be shaken to its core and it will awaken the mountains below the sea. My right hand and the seas will rise up for areas that are will no longer be. Gather your food now for you are soon to witness a great plague that will call many to stand before me.

8-10-08   Bind your Rosaries for greater turmoil is going to come. Be aware of Russia and China. Many will seek to condemn you for speaking the truth.  Stay united as a group. Gather often so that I can give greater graces for being obedient to My words.

The preceding quotes are a sample of words that were given to the American seer, Jennifer. They are new to me. This seer was recommended by Mark Mallett on his blog, “The Now Word”.  More messages from heaven given to Jennifer are available on line at  Remember the repeated words of St. John Paul II:
“Be not afraid.”  Remember the words of Our Lady of Peace at Medjugorje, “Pray, pray, pray.”  Prepare. Be aware. Go to confession. Stay in a state of grace. God bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you His peace. Amen




What is it about the coastline north of San Francisco in northern Sonoma County and southern Mendocino County? What brought me to California in the first place was hearing about Carmel and Big Sur from the program manager of the radio & television studios at the University of Iowa. I was studying radio-television and speech at SUI in Iowa City. I was overcome with inspiration as my boss described the Monterey Peninsula of Northern California. Within a few months, I had joined a carpool to California with members of a video production of “West Side Story”. The driver submitted the video for his thesis and we four passengers were dancers in his production.

I was so charmed with the description of Big Sur, that when we arrived in San Francisco in June of 1960, I planned to answer an ad in the Chronicle for a job at Big Sur as a waitress. The glitch was the age requirement, 21, and I was a mere 20. What happened next is another story.

I attended the Monterey Jazz Festival in my early days in San Francisco and took a trip to Carmel thrilled with the view of the sunset on the Pacific Ocean from the hotel bar south of Carmel. Later, while married, I attended the Laguna Seca every spring, usually reading Aristotle, or whatever, while everyone else was interested in the loud car race. I remember crying while driving home from Carmel, not wanting to leave and loving it so.

One summer, I took a retreat in a fabulously artistic cabin in the woods south of Big Sur. One summer I attended the Bach Festival in Carmel. Once, I attended a Barmitzva for my doctor friend’s son. More recently, I spent a couple nights in Carmel visiting the Mission Carmel and the Carmelite Convent overlooking the sea.

Along the way, I spent a few nights in the ’60’s and ’70’s at Little River Inn in Mendocino and coped their pancake recipe for years. Then, in 1976, I traveled to Mendocino to attend a Sufi camp where I met Pir, who became my teacher for twenty years. In 1984, I returned to the Mendocino redwoods for another Sufi camp. It was at that camp that I said my very first rosary in tears, pleading for Our Lady’s intercession to avoid a nuclear war. Fourteen years later, I joined the church founded by her Son.

Back in the ’70’s, four of us single women rented a house at Sea Ranch. We were a mixture of Japanese, English, Midwest, and East Coast U.S.A. culture. Then, the sister of one of the four bought a house at Sea Ranch. In the meantime, I met my New England patriot. He fell in love with the Lost Coast and with Sea Ranch. Each summer, we rented a house at Sea Ranch for his much needed vacation. We totally fell in love with “The Wave”, our favorite home at Sea Ranch. Yes, the view and peace of the place was awesome. But also was the fabulous collection of books in the library of this vacation home, along with the c.d. collection. I found the place totally inspiring. I read tons of books, painted at the window overlooking the Pacific, and prepared fabulous dinners from the great collection of recipe books, all the while listening to Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Best of all, the owners had a Wedgewood Stove in the kitchen, which I had learned to admire when I lived in Nevada City, California.

The days at “The Wave” were spent beginning with coffee overlooking the sea followed by daily mass at the stunning Catholic Church in Gualala. After a morning hike down to the cliffs overlooking the sea and lunch at “The Wave”, we would swim in the wonderful pool next to the home of the original sheep ranch. The greatest blessing was the year our front yard at “The Wave” was full of sheep. We were in heaven at last! Homeowners at Sea Ranch welcomed us at their morning game of bolles.

Just today, we learned that the owners of our beloved vacation home have died. James was with U.C. publishing, which accounted for all the wonderful books in their library. Isabelle Clark-Deces was an anthropologist, remembered for her dedication and compassion as a professor of anthropology at Princeton University and director of the Program of South Asian Studies. She died after a fall in Mussoorie, India, where she was leading a Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Global Seminar. She loved India, as do I!!! She was born in France; I am a Francophile. Her favorite place on earth was Sea Ranch! I wish I had met her! (She probably is related to a famous Russian author, but that is another story.) May God rest her soul, along with the soul of her husband, James. May he be enjoying a ride on his motorcycle in heaven.

Now, I am an armchair traveler, like Poppy, who used to sit in his chair high above Nob Hill and study his atlas, which I now cherish in my painting studio. Years fly by, but memories are enhanced as one contemplates the beauty of God’s creation along the waters of our Pacific Ocean. Jesus, I trust in You. God the Father, I take my hat off to You. What an artist!!!! Alleluia, allella.