Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

As you know, I have been on my knees pleading with you to listen and watch the daily English mass in Medjugorje said by the Dominican chaplain for English speaking pilgrims, Fr. Leon. I know, most of you are very busy and have not found the time to obey this little Iowa farm girl. So, as Fr. Leon’s homilies get better day-by-day, with the best today, even though I have said that each day for some time now, I am taking the liberty to try to summarized today’s homily, hoping this will tempt you to go to MaryTV.tv on your computer and listen and watch Fr. Leon say mass in English.

Today is a very special day, the Feast of St. Matthew, the former tax collector, Apostle, and writer of the first book of the Gospels. His original name was Levy, a good Jewish name that shows up in my daughter’s family history as the maiden name of her great-grandmother. This is also a very special day as it is the 21st anniversary of Fr. Leon’s definitive vows as a Dominican. Thanks be to God. He made his final vows in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Early on in the homily, Fr. Leon said that parents should start saving for a therapist for their new born babies, not for college. Then, he told why. As a child, he was told that he was clumsy and shy. He believed it! When he got to Oxford University for his studies as a Dominican, (having already become a physician graduating from medical school), he was having dinner with his fellow students. He said, “I am shy!” The fellow students began to laugh so hard that they had tears in their eyes. They said, You, of all people, are not shy! He said parents should save money for their newborn babies for a therapist, as they are told so many lies that they believe! (I know he loves his parents and his childhood that probably was in India.)

Back to St. Matthew. One of Fr. Leon’s favorite painters is Caravaggio, known, rather for his so-called sinful life, along with his great gift as a painter. Caravaggio was aware of his shortcomings and even spent time living in a monastery to try to reform. As it turns out, when Contarelli, a donor, was giving money for the Church of San Luigi del Francesi in Rome, Caravaggio was given the first commission to paint St. Matthew for the Contarelli Chapel inside the church. Caravaggio was well aware of the dark side of life. He also knew that it was unwise to look into the darkness for very long, or it would look back at you. Fr. Leon gave the examples of Taro cards, Reikki, and more, and the danger of looking too carefully into the occult, as a evil spirit could pay you a visit, due to your dabbling into the occult opening up a portal to the dark side. The latter are my words, not Fr. Leon’s. He said the darkness will look back at you, as Caravaggio knew also.

Caravaggio was an Italian Renaissance painter during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He is famous for his dealing with light and dark in his paintings; in Italian, this is called chiaroscuro. Prior to Caravaggio, painters used black to paint a shadow. Instead, Caravaggio painted a shadow red and then painted black over it. As Fr. Leon described the artists, he said that if you look at the dark side of life too long, it will look back at you.

Thus, in the famous painting, “The Calling of Saint Matthew” by Caravaggio in the Contarelli Chapel, we can see the painter’s use of his technique of chiaroscuro. Fr. Leon walked by the Church of San Luigi del Francesi in Rome almost daily during his studies in Rome, and repeatedly viewed and studied this painting by Caravaggio. It is the major French parish in Rome. Fr. Leon then lifted his right arm and pointed his index finger slightly towards the floor. He then asked the parishioners if this reminded us of another painting. Then, he told us that Caravaggio was imitating Michelangelo’s painting of God the Father on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In the fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the finger of God is pointing at Adam; in “The Calling of Saint Matthew”, the finger of Jesus Christ is pointing at Levy, who later became St. Matthew, the Apostle and former tax-collector. Jesus saw Matthew at his seat in the custom house and said, “Follow me!” and Matthew rose and did so. Fr. Leon went on to say that Caravaggio was wise and in the painting, the only source of light was Jesus Christ.

Being an artist, and student of art history, Fr. Leon stole my heart with his story today on MaryTV.tv. I hope you also are inspired to tune into his daily English masses from Medjugorje. They just keep getting better and better. If you are short of time, and cannot watch the whole mass, they have a link for the homily only. Then, too, you can join him for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the writings of St. Louis de Montfort, with the consecration on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. I assume most of you are also praying the 54 Day Miraculous Rosary with either the priests in Stockbridge, Mass. at the Shrine of The Divine Mercy or with Joan and Dave.

God bless you all. God bless Fr. Leon on the anniversary of his final vows into the Dominican Order. St. Matthew, pray for us! Amen.

Tears of Sorrow

Today, during the English mass said at Medjugorje, a tear was shed by a very old priest from Dublin, Ireland. He told the story of the hospital in Dublin called St. Vincent de Paul that includes a large amount of land. It is a Catholic hospital and it does not allow abortions. There is a plan presently to tear down this hospital and build a new one that allows abortion. The Church is considering this plan. Please, if you are a priest, offer up a mass to save this hospital and the integrity of the teachings of the Catholic Church that protects life from conception to natural birth. If you are not a priest, please get on your knees and pray to save this hospital and stop this diabolical plan. As the priest said today in his homily, Satan loves the blood of innocents to be offered up to death in his evil rituals. If possible, fast on Wednesdays on bread and water for this evil plan to be stopped. Offer your future masses for this intention if you are a lay person.

Based on first hand experience in a nearby hospital now in the hands of the Marxist agenda and the very sad news from Ireland, one can see a pattern and an agenda world wide. Years ago, a holy Catholic woman volunteered at a local Catholic hospital until she learned they were providing abortions. She left her volunteer job. The current agenda now is to attack hospitals. Our schools have already been attacked with lies being fed to our children regarding our beloved Nation and about our history. The children, beginning in kindergarden, are being fed evil lies about their sexual identity choices, sexual sins, and more. Mother Miram has requested that all Catholics pull their children out of public schools and home school their children to protect them. Fr. Michel says that the innocence of childhood is under attack.

All of our institutions have been attacked, including our colleges and universities. Marxist teachings are in vogue at these colleges. The students are taught to hate America by their liberal, socialist and Marxist professors. Of course, it is clear the churches have been attacked by Satan’s lies. Years ago, I received a letter in the mail. The stationery had to the left of the page a list of all the Protestant churches that were endorsing “freedom of choice”, that is to murder a child in its mother’s womb. Not only Protestant churches were listed, but other religions. In those days, I was given the gag rule when I sent out an e-mail to all the members of a woman’s Catholic group telling them why a Catholic could not vote for a pro-choice candidate that was on the ballot.

Of course, the media is chuck full of promotions of mortal sin. First it was the television where Satan held his court in each of our homes. Now, everyone is hooked up to a computer and a smart phone, which I have christened a dumb phone, which delivers pornography, same-sex agenda, and Marxist teachings. This is a global communist agenda. It ain’t no Fourth of July. The pandemic was orchestrated and man-made, but Satanically inspired, to facilitate this global revolt.

As I listened to the mass from Medjugorje this morning with the old Irish priest presiding, over MaryTV.tv on my computer, I noticed little Baby Jesus in the arms of St. Joseph looking at me from a tiny statue in my domestic chapel on my Mexican table, converted into an altar to God the Father and the Holy Family.

Lord, here our prayers.

Living in the Divine Will

Years ago, I had the blessing of a monthly shiatsu session in San Francisco by a fellow Iowan transplant to the Bay Area. He was brilliant with a winning personality. He had the gift of healing and I was honored to be his client for a number of years. We both were converts; we both were secular Carmelites; we both were from Iowa; we both went to the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where I began my education; we both were members of Our Lady’s Prayer Group in San Bruno, California; and we became adopted sister and brother to each other. He would play wonderful holy music during our shiatsu session, after which he would give me time to pray in his beautiful chapel. Alas, I miss him dearly. I stopped going for my shiatsu sessions as the trip up three flights of stairs was too much for my arthritis in my knees. May God bless, anoint, and protect my long-lost brother in Christ.

During the sessions, we had wonderful conversations. He was like a priest at a confessional. He told me everything and I told him everything as we both trusted each other to the max. Among many other subjects, he told me about helping an Italian friend translate into English the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will. They would do the work at St. Dominic parish in San Francisco sitting close to the Tabernacle. One day, the Italian girl gave me two books by Luisa Piccarreta, (April 23, 1865-March 4, 1947). I read them both. I first began reading The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will written by the Servant of God.

Years later, I attended a Carmelite retreat at a Franciscan retreat center in Northern California. I sat in the front row next to a woman who typed notes from the retreat “master” on her lap top. This was very upsetting to the Carmelite priest. During the retreat, although a silent one, the woman with the lap top asked me to start a Divine Will cenacle. As I thought about her proposal, I thought that being in o.c.d.s., I needed to concentrate on my Definitive Promises made with the secular Carmelites.

Some years later, rather recently, I watched on line a retreat in the Philippines on The Divine Will led by Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, Ph.B., STB, M.Div., STL, STD. I was very moved by the retreat. It had a heavenly atmosphere. I watched a few more videos of Fr. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, and then asked my husband to order the book, The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta by Fr. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, a book based on his discertation for his Ph.D from the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome. I read about 350 pages of the 747 page book. I am still reading it!

Then, Daniel O’Connor came to the rescue. I “met” Daniel through podcasts he has been doing with Mark Mallett, in connection with the website, Count Down to the Kingdom. In the podcasts, Daniel and Mark both show a fine sense of humor along with a great devotion to preparing the world for these so called End Times and the Coming of the Kingdom. They have carefully explained the seven seals found in the book of Revelations in the Bible, along with many other Catholic teachings. I have known Mark for years, as I have attended probably all the Catholic conferences where he has been a guest speaker that have been held in Northern and Central California. I have read his book and read his blog, “The Now Word” faithfully for years.

So, Professor Daniel O’Connor has become my go-to scholar to help this “Beginner’s Mind” grasp the teachings of the Kingdom of the Divine Will as given to Luisa Piccarreta, the Servant of God. I am a punk beginner on the subject, and I needed Daniel’s wonderful gift as a teacher and a writer to transmit to me the gist of the Divine Will and its awesome importance. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Daniel. I began with the reading of the book, The Crown of History, The Imminent Glorious Era of Universal Peace. It is the shortened version of The Crown of Sanctity, which my husband has ordered from Amazon for me.

Daniel so wonderfully explains in a nutshell the essence of the teachings of Jesus given to Louisa regarding the Divine Will and recorded in the multiple volumes. So, What’s It All About, Elfi? Well, it is about what we as Christians have been praying for the past 2,000 years, i.e. The Lord’s Prayer, but especially this part of the prayer: “Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” We say it every day, morning, noon, and night; we say it at mass; we say it always. Every Christian has been saying it daily for all his or her life as soon as he or she is old enough to memorize it. That prayer is 2,000 plus years old. But, according to the teachings revealed by the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, to the Italian lay woman, and translated for me in 21st century English by Daniel, the words we have been praying for the last 2,000 plus years are going to come true, unless you think God is a liar, which is impossible. Thus, according to all that Daniel has taught me via his study for ten years of Living in the Divine Will revealed to Luisa Piccarreta, the Era of Peace will come to this earth of ours. That era of peace will be anointed with people LIVING IN THE DIVINE WILL, not their own personal will. Or, one could say, their personal will will emerge into the Divine Will and become One Will. Who would have thought??!!

Well, before all this can happen, we will need to strive to make it happen. Daniel explains how. We have our work cut out for us. It, of course, is a gift, as all good things are a Gift from God. Yet, we have our part to play to expedite God’s Will by praying for it, studying it, etc., etc., etc. Now, we live in an age when all of the volumes have been translated into English. Louisa died when I was seven years old, minus 17 days. So, now that I am eighty, and feeling like a spring chicken, I begin learning about this awesome revelation of Living in the Divine Will.

I am a punk beginner, so I cannot speak to you about it. But, I can, with all my heart and soul, beg you to look into this subject further. Instead of being bogged down in the evil that is trying to distract us from Our Lord, our mission, our station in life, let us delve deeply into the teachings and revelations given to Louisa. Let us begin NOW!!!!! I am sure you are much younger than I. I am sure you will not wait until you are eighty years old to look into this. Do it NOW!!!! First, buy the little book by Daniel O’Connor called The Crown of History. It is very cheap!!! Then, if you are still inspired as I am, buy the book, The Crown of Sanctity. All the teachings and revelations of Louisa are available on line for free. For more information about Daniel O’Connor, visit his website: http://www.DOCPhilosophy.com (He is a college professor of Philosophy in Upstate New York.) May the good Lord truly bless you as you discover the revelations of Living in the Divine Will. Thanks be to God. Thank you, Daniel, and may I make you my newly adopted son-I-wish-I-had-had!!!!!!

Jesus, I trust in You. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.


Wake up America!  He’s got your back!  You may not like the color of his hair; you might not like his style; you might not like the color of his skin. But, I tell you, he has your back, America. He is working night and day for you. He does not take a pay check. He does not take the weekends off. He takes abuse, lies, and threats day and night. But still, he has your back, America. Whether you like him or not, this man is a genius. He is using his God given gifts to undo all the damage that has been done to this country by people who gained power and used it for their own gain, selling out to agendas  intent on destroying this great Nation.

If this Nation were to fall, there is no where to go. This country was inhabited by the Indian Nations. Then, it was developed by people in search of religious freedom due to persecution in Europe. Some immigrants came as indentured slaves, not given the ability to learn to read and write, for example, the Polish immigrants who were used in the mines on the East Coast. Then, there were the Founding Fathers who had the vision of our unique form of government. They were brilliant. They fought for their freedom from the English crown. Lives were lost. President Washington was a visionary. He was guided by Our Lady and kept the faith during huge challenges. Thomas Jefferson was a genius. His great mind helped to form our government. Benjamin Franklin was another genius in those early days of our nation.

Now, we are being threatened by the globalists, the deep state, the communists, and people who are motivated by greed instead of principles.  Thousands of young, male illegal immigrants were brought into this country and given promises and debit cards to help destroy this Nation. Remember the mass  migration lines we saw in the past? Now, the rich globalists, including Soros and his son, are paying young men to cause havoc in our cities. They are cloaked with the banner of protectors of racial discrimination. They are motivated by the globalists who pay them to protest.

Then, along comes a super business man, who had built an empire in America, due to his great intelligence and business know-how. He could not be bought off, like some other politicians. He already was on the top of the list of success. He saw that our country was little by little being compromised by people in power who used their position to gain wealth for themselves. Puppets were put into power by powerful people with a hidden agenda to destroy this Nation. We had a traitor in the White House who attempted to sell out America. He came close. Just when he thought he had made the deal solid, a no nonsense real estate mogul came on the scene. To everyone’s surprise, he won the election, even though he was spied upon, lied about, led into traps as the former administration had left behind a huge population of enemies of the American people inside the White House and in the various agencies. Hollywood, most of the press, both television and newspapers, along with radio and magazines were bought off by the globalists and the communist. This new face, this outsider from the political world, in some ways, stood alone. He had the courage to make changes which were for the good of his beloved country. For this, he paid a big price.  A bounty was put on his head. He became the number one enemy for the deep state, the globalists, and the communists.

Now, let us turn to last evening, the closing night of the Republican National Convention.  The president had chosen to hold the convention in North Carolina, but the governor said that he could only have ten people attend!!! So, the convention was held in D.C. and on the final night, in the Rose Garden of the White House. In all my eighty years, I have never spent a more fabulous night, watching the presentation by Ivanka, introducing her father, the speech by our duly elected president, Donald J. Trump, the grand fireworks, and the awesome singing of the Italian baritone from the balcony overlooking the newly recreated rose garden.  The music began with Leonard Cohen’s  inspiring “Alleluiah!” and continued with a glorious Italian aria, and the beautiful “Ave Maria”, after an over-the-top fireworks display. The music ended with a sing-along of our favorite National songs. What a night!  What a celebration!  What an overcoming of all the evil that had been bubbling up in this Nation!  What a tribute to the First Lady, our President, and their staff.  What a miraculous transformation of evil times, including the evil virus and violence and looting in the liberal cities across the Nation, offering a night of beauty, of inspiration, of prayer, and tribute to God Almighty. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, God the Father. Thank you, The Holy Spirit. Thank you, St. Michael. God bless our president. God bless and protect the United States of America. Amen.

Holy Love

Years ago, “a little ol’ lady” from Europe with a major limp would present a fresh bouquet of roses for Our Lady at her prayer group meeting each Wednesday evening at Saint Bruno parish in San Bruno, California.  One night, she asked me to buy a little rosary from Holy Love in Ohio in order to stop abortion. I bought the rosary and left the prayers and other information on my altar for about two years. Then, one day, I read the information about Holy Love and began receiving the messages given daily to the visionary at Holy Love outside Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, the blessed lady who asked me to buy the rosary has died. God rest her soul. In the meantime, Wayne Weible spent about three years investigating Holy Love and wrote a favorable book about it. Recently, I received five holy cards with a tiny bit of cloth that had been blessed by God the Father and sent to our home.

The same time the five holy cards arrived at our home, there was a battle in the heavens between good and evil, with a terrific night of lightening and thunder, and finally rain. When James walked out of the house the next morning, he could smell sulfur. Then, the fires began all over California.

The next day, Sunday, I pulled out my homemade prayer book from Holy Love and began reading it. Some of the  prayers were given in 2001 and onward. The prayers specifically were addressing the evil the planet is facing today in July, 2020. So, better late than never, I am sharing some of these prayers with you, which I consider very timely and very important. Although we have learned that the rosary is the weapon for today, I would like to add to the rosary, the following prayers:

“…..What is importance – now – is that we draw together as a spiritual remnant. Make of your hearts a holy nation.  Come into the Mystical City of my Heart and do not fear. I am always your Heavenly Mother – your Holy Refuge in any conflict……..”   Nov. 7, 2012, from Blessed Mother

Message from St. Thomas Aquinas, 10/31/2001 –
St. Thomas Acquinas comes. He bows and prays before the tabernacle. He says: “Praised be Jesus.” He sits….”You know the times are perilous. There is much speculation about the future. People live in fear not trust. It is time for families to be consecrated to the United Hearts and to make a personal consecration to The Flame of Holy Love.  This will be like the lamb’s blood on the portal of their hearts and homes.  Evil will pass over them and by them.”

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONSECRATION OF FAMILIES TO THE UNITED HEARTS:  1. Gather your family. 2. Read the scripture passages. 3. Display pictures of the United Hearts and of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love in your home.  SCRIPTURES: 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, vs. 16- “For now I have chosen and consecrated this house so that My name may be there forever. My Eyes and My Heart will be there for all time.”  Exodus Chapter 12, vs. 7 and vs. 13- “Then they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and the lintel of the houses in which they eat them….The blood shall be a sign for you, upon the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and no plague shall fall upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt.”

CONSECRATION TO THE FLAME OF HOLY LOVE:  Immaculate Heart of Mary, humbly, I ask that you take my heart into the Flame of Holy Love, that is the spiritual refuge of all mankind.  Do not look upon my faults and failings, but allow these iniquities to be burned away by this purifying Flame.

DEDICATION OF HOMES TO MARY, REFUGE OF HOLY LOVE.  Mary, my Mother, my Fortress – Refuge of Holy Love – sanctify this home through Holy Love.  Open each heart that dwells herein to holiness..  Lead us along the path of Holy Love. Be victorious over any evil, whether it be an unknown force with these walls, a seductive habit, or some voluntary attachment we have chosen ourselves.  Make this home a sanctuary of Holy Love. Amen.

CONSECRATION OF FAMILIES TO THE UNTIED HEARTS:  Sacred and United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, You are one in purpose as You desire the salvation, holiness, and sanctity of each soul.  We consecrate our family to You seeking Your victory both in our hearts and in the world.  We acknowledge the perfection of your mercy in the past, the abundance of Your provision in the future, and the supreme sovereignty of the Father’s Divine Will in this present moment.  We desire to be part of Your triumphant reign beginning in this present moment through our yes to Holy and Divine Love.  We wish, with the help of Your grace, to live out this consecration through every future moment.  Thus we will be united in triumph with You, dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Amen


“Most Worthy, United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I willingly consecrate myself this day to You.  I surrender to You all I own, both interior and exterior.  Let my life be a continual hymn of praise to Your Most Holy United Hearts.  Take the victories and defeats of this moment into Your Hearts. Use them, as You need them, to bring about Your triumphant reign. Amen (Blessed Mother – 1996)


Most Compassionate United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, accept this, my prayer, on behalf of the heart of the world, Awaken the heart of the world to the Truth of the difference between good and evil.

Inspire each soul to consecrate their hearts and their lives to the United Hearts; thereby strengthening the heart of the world in this resolve.

We beg You, dear United Hearts, pour the grace of Your Inspiration into the heart of the world, strengthening it in Truth and in Holy Love.  In this Heavenly Inspiration, draw the heart of the world into union with the Will of God. Amen

(Blessed Mother, May 10, 2012)

I had planned to go ahead and type for you the prayers I have had bound in my homemade prayer book.  Instead, I ask you to go to http://www.hholylove.org where you can order the prayer book, the images of United Hearts and Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, and subscribe the the daily message given to the visionary at Holy Love.

May God in His great mercy guide and protect you on your way to holiness.

Thanks be to God.




It Must be Tuesday, Versailles is Closed

Back in the good old days, when I was young and sassy, inevitably, when we traveled in France, we would end up at a spectacular site, which would be closed, as it was Tuesday. So, I only saw the parking lot of Versailles. For this or perhaps another reason, I only saw the parking lot of Mt. St. Michelle until I returned years later with my Sufi teacher and his mureeds.  Today, as I saw Nancy reading the prayers of the faithful, along with the second reading and her husband, Patrick, reading the first reading at the English mass in Medjugorje, I said, “Yes, this must be Sunday!” They always  assist during mass on The Lord’s Day. So, there we have it, a San Francisco car mogul, who inevitably arrived at important sites in France on Tuesdays, the only day they were closed and now, years later, another former car mogul, who faithfully shows up for the English mass in the chapel next to St. James in Medjugorje, to read the First Reading of the mass every Sunday. I do not need a  calendar when I hang my hat with car moguls, deceased or retired; I always know what day it is.

Speaking of a mass not to miss, I highly recommend the English mass often said by Fr. Leon, o.p., the chaplain for the English speaking pilgrims. (This daily mass is available on MaryTV.tv.) His homily yesterday was awesome for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother. Today, August 16th, the mass was said by Fr. Columba Jordan, an Irish priest, a Franciscan of the Renewal, the order founded by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Like Fr. Leon, Fr. Columba is also terrific. I remember the good old days when I traveled to Medjugorje seven times and Nancy was the faithful translator for Fr. Jozo, the former pastor of St. James during the beginning days of the apparitions.

I guess one of the secrets in life is being at the right place at the right time. I was in Wisconsin one day before my favorite cousin (and man who gave me away at my little wedding in Iowa), died. I prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy with the heart at his bedside the day before he died. So too, on Thursday, August 6th, I sat in the courtyard of an East Bay care center and told my other father figure, age 105, in great sincerity how much I loved him. He, blessed John, died five days later on the 11th of August, the Feast of St. Claire and the anniversary of the death of Mary, John’s wife. He is not having a funeral mass and only ten people can go the the burial. Thank God I said good-bye in person while he could still hear me.

Timing is not everything, but so important. I am what is known as a late bloomer. I found grade and high school a bit dull. I spent my time focusing on extra-curricular activities: speech contests, flute, voice, majorette, dance, etc.  It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco when I was twenty that I read my first book, “Escape from Freedom” by Eric Fromm. Most of the books I ran into, which were few, up until that time did not strike my fancy.  Now, we have over fifteen bookshelves overflowing with books. The time I spent studying speech in high school and college probably helped me when I had four radio shows in the Foothills of Gold in California. Then, too, I was a lector for a number of years at a local parish. I even gave a talk or two about The Divine Mercy at a big parish down the hill from our California cottage.

Timing is not everything, but, indeed, I am so very thankful I did travel when I could. I spent my first dime flying to New York City from Iowa when I was eighteen. As a young bride, I flew to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico City, and Europe many times. Later, I flew to New York,  Florida, Arizona, and Paris many times to sit at the feet of my Sufi teacher. I followed him to India five times. When my beloved daughter moved to France, she sent me a plane ticket every year to visit my grandchildren.

Now, due to the c. virus and my weird gate, I do not plan any big trips in the near future, unless, of course, a miraculous cure invades my weak knees! James has promised me a trip to Medjugorje if I get a total healing. Thank God, I did a substantial amount of traveling  B.K., Before the Knees. (Just blame it on sitting too long in half-lotus before my conversion!)

Then, there were also multiple pilgrimages with the two local visionaries, Carlos and Jorge. Besides the seven trips to Medjugorje, we went to Poland, Amsterdam, Paris, the home of my patron, St. Therese, Rome,  (for three hours). and the open tomb of St. Padre Pio.

Like Edith Piaf, I have no regrets. I’ve been there and done that. So, I’ve not been to Assisi nor to the Holy Land, but think of all this Iowa farm girl has seen!!!

It is time to pray the second day of the 54 day rosary novena for our country, the USA, and peace as we approach the election in November.

Yes Lord, we beg of You to show mercy upon us. Protect us during these times prior to your Son’s Second Coming and before her Immaculate Heart triumphs.

God bless the USA. God bless my family. God bless my friends. God bless everyone in Medjugorje. God bless everyone, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Back in the days when I was searching for God here and there and everywhere, I spent a week house sitting and dog sitting in Lawrence, Kansas for a Zen Buddhist. In the heat of the Kansas summer, with all the shades pulled, me and the beautiful shiny, handsome, brown dog, I took down a book on Thomas Merton from the bookshelf and began a week’s retreat with the Trappist monk. At the time, I was living in a Zen Center founded by a Korean Zen master. I practiced with the Buddhist each morning and attended the retreat for center leaders when the Korean Zen master arrived in the Queen Anne Victorian house. He slept down the hall from my rented room. That was in the mid-’80’s.

Fast forward to 2020 and the global lock-down here in California and around the world. Last night, James asked Alexis to find Pir Vilayat Khan on You Tube. She failed to find my former Sufi teacher. He then asked for Thomas Merton. I was gifted with a brilliant talk given by Colleen M. Griffith, a professor at the Boston School of Theology. Her talk addressed the subject of the teachings of Thomas Merton applied to this digital age. This talk was part of a celebration of the 100th birthday of Thomas Merton. Professor Griffith described the wisdom expressed in the writings of Fr. Louis, and how we could apply that wisdom in this age of distractions and lack of silence in the age of smart phones and lap tops with non-stop interruptions and clanging of words and sounds to disrupt our need for silence, contemplation, and peace.

The next morning, I let Alexis continue to feed me with words of wisdom from Thomas Merton.  The next fabulous program took me to a recording of a retreat hosted by the Shalom Institute on June 21-22, 2014.  [www.shalom.org] I was introduced to the teachings of James Finley, as he spoke on  “Trauma and Spirituality”, #5. James was the son of an alcoholic who physically abused his wife and son. At the age of seventeen, James entered the Trappist Monastery in Kentucky, after reading multiple times a book by Thomas Merton. Thomas Merton became his spiritual director. After six or seven years, James left the monastery and enrolled in the program at Fuller U. in Pasadena, California and became a clinical psychologist.

I highly recommend your listening to his two talks available on YouTube. More information is available on his website, contemplativeway.org  He uses the painful experiences of his childhood abuse, the teachings of Thomas Merton, along with his six or seven years in the Trappist Monastery, and his studies and practical in-service experience while at Fuller U. to present to his audience a very moving and priceless transmission of his authentic experiences in healing and spirituality. His years as a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma in Southern California, coupled with his knowledge of the Catholic mystics and the teachings of Thomas Merton make him a jewel in the field of mysticism and healing of trauma.  He gives a very wonderful method of meditation as part of his presentation.

While Alexis found videos for us to watch last night after James requested, “Find me Thomas Merton”, we were also blessed with an interview of the Dali Lama who had met Thomas Merton, and who had invited him to speak in Thailand, where he died.

I end this blog by honoring my spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Timmins, the Holy Ghost Father, who died this July and whose funeral will be at the Carmelite Monastery in Georgetown, California in a few days. God rest his soul and may Perpetual Light shine upon him. Amen. Fr. Louis, pray for us.




Holy Lock Down

Dear Readers,

Somehow, this lock down has become holy! Here I am in total isolation like a monk, except that I am a married monk, living not in a cave like St. Benedict, but in a four bedroom house with a two-car garage and a painting studio. True also is the fact that St. Benedict was not married, as yours truly.

What is making this lock down holy? Back in December at our monthly Flame of Love meeting, a member spoke of her plans for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje the day after Christmas. Then, she shared her habit during her very long daily commute: she listens to Marytv.tv on her smart phone while she travels to and from work. I began watching MaryTV.tv on a regular basis. The blessings and graces have never stopped and only multiplied.

This morning, for example, I listened to the Liturgy of the Hours for the daily readings and morning prayer via my laptop. I then turned to MaryTV.tv to watch and listen to the daily English mass from Medjugorje. When I opened up MaryTV.tv, Denis and Cathy were airing a fabulous talk by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, the Marian priest from the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Mass. His talk was an awesome explanation of the mass, step-by-step, explaining EVERYTHING the priest says and does, along with the meaning behind these actions, their importance, and their Biblical foundation.

As an aside, Fr. Chris mentioned several very important pieces of information. For example, he stated that at almost every mass he ever says, he reveals the Five Non-Negotiables: 1) Abortion, 2) Euthanasia, 3) Stem-cell research, 4) Cloning, and 5) Same Sex Marriage. Then, he said he would add 6) Contraception.

After this, he shared an experience he had at the Canadian border. He was stopped at the border and asked what he was going to do in Canada. He said that he was invited to give a talk. Then, the agent at the border asked him what he was going to talk about. He asked for the notes for the talk. The agent said that there were certain laws in Canada and it was his job to enforce those laws. Fr. Chris said that he did not use notes for his talk. Then, he predicted that what had come to Canada would soon come to the USA. He said that he would probably be arrested for speaking the Truth and asked that we please bring him food to the prison!

I highly recommend this talk for all Catholics,  for all classes of RCIA, and all classes prior to Confirmation for the youth. If we were aware of what is really going on during the mass, one could never be bored!!!

There was another aside Fr. Chris shared with us this morning on MaryTV.tv.  He once said that he says a monthly mass for President Trump. This upset a gentleman who had nothing good to say about our President. Then, Fr. Chris told us the following:  every month throughout the world  WICCA groups, (witch craft), casts curses on our duly elected president! So, as members of the body of Christ, it is important that we pray for President Trump each day, as prayers are powerful, to counteract the mischief of the Satanists and practitioners of witchcraft around the world.

Next, I clicked onto the daily English mass in Medjugorje, aired on MaryTV.tv. Most days, the mass is said by the very holy, wise, highly educated Indian-Chinese Dominican priest, Fr. Leon Pereira, O.P., one of the great treasures in the Catholic church in our day. I do not have access to his biography, but it a very good guess that he was beautifully schooled in our faith in a climate like the Oxford Movement. He is down to earth and totally brilliant in theology, with a very natural but devout demeanor as he says mass. Thanks be to God.

Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Having spent about twenty years of my live in o.c.d.s., as a secular Carmelite, I was totally washed away spiritually as I listened to the English mass from Medjugorje aired on MaryTV.tv.  Why such a blessing sitting at my computer, watching a recorded mass, 7,000 miles away from home? One reason is that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, of Lourdes, of Fatima, of Guadalupe, of Garabandal, of Rue de Bac in Paris, the Queen of Peace and the Queen of Divine Mercy, has been appearing daily to the visionaries of Medjugorje for 39 years. Denis and Cathy have consecrated the internet to her Immaculate Heart. As your witness, I can tell you that Our Lady and The Holy Spirit stream through this 24-7 broadcast live from Medjugorje and from the humble studio in the home of Denis and Cathy in the USA. Go figure.

I’ve had my little say. I have traveled on pilgrimage to Medjugorje seven times, but it has only been since the beginning of 2020 that I have been blessed with the awesome gift of MaryTV.tv.  If you have not typed http://www.MaryTV.tv into your search engine, I plead with you to do it today and to make it a regular habit. Excuse the pun. Okay, if you do not wear a blessed brown scapular, I urge you to do so, beginning today! (Mine was made from a used Carmelite habit, thank you very much!)

May the blessings of Christ remain with you and may His Mother protect you under her mantle.

Love, peace, joy, and light!

Ax’s Acres:   A mighty God have we!  Thanks be to God. Jesus, I trust in You.








This might have been one of the best days, of the 21,200 days of my life.  At least the past twelve hours have truly been glorious. They began after 8:15 a.m., when I watched the morning mass on line from Our Lady of Grace in Castro Valley, California. Immediately, I turned to the daily mass at Franciscan University in Stuebenville, Ohio, where my favorite vocalist blessed me with her voice and the Franciscan priest blessed me with his homily. I then prayed for my pastor during the rosary at the grotto at Lourdes, France, via facebook and at the Shrine of Padre Pio, also on line.

I next typed into my Browser, Marytv.tv and began watching the evening outdoor mass behind St. James parish celebrating the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. The mass was preceded by a beautiful procession of the statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace, surrounded with white lilies and carried by six strong men, as is the custom in Fatima, Portugal. The mass was said by the Franciscan provincial. He said that if one had the courage to follow Christ and His teaching these days, he was shunned socially, as on social media. The excellent choir was led by a Franciscan nun and accompanied by trumpets and keyboard.

Next, my faithful husband served me lunch and St. Fatima, my uncanonized saintly housekeeper, arrived to clean and put our home in order, along with giving me a safe shower post-op. I call her a saint as she takes care of her elderly clients who are often left to fend for themselves.

At 2:00 p.m., our faithful Franciscan pastor gave us a Zoom Bible Study on his day off. What a guy! We studied the Eucharist and how it had been pre-figured in the miracle at Canan of turning water into wine; the miracle of feeding the 5,000 and the miracle of the feeding of the 4,000.

That was the first chance I had to finish praying the Liturgy of the Hours, having gotten up late. Then, I turned to Marytv.tv and began watching  the evening mass at Medjugorje for the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of the Queen of Peace. I cannot get enough of Medjugorje! I left my laptop to eat dinner, and returned faithfully to the peace on earth that I find in Medjugorje. This time, I watched the Adoration following the evening Sacrifice of the Mass, for the second time. The music was so sweet, with two guitars, with one singing the lyrics, all the while yours truly was smiling like a fuzzy, warm kitten.

Then, to end a perfect day, I watched a rerun of the morning English mass said by the Dominican priest who is the chaplain for the English speaking pilgrims in Medjugorje, Fr. Leon. Tonight, he reminded me a bit of Gandhi. His homily about Our Blessed Mother should be taught to all the children and their parents around the world.

I want to thank the Lord for the great blessings of this day, June 25, 2020, the 39th anniversary of the daily apparitions of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, in Medjugorje. Amen.




Mary’s Mantle Consecration

Saturday, June 27, 2020, I will make a consecration to the Blessed Mother based on the book, Mary’s Mantle Consecration – A spiritual Retreat for Heaven’s Help, by Christine Watkins, for busy individuals, families, groups, and parishes.  I began the preparation for this consecration on May 13, 2020. It is based on an old tradition practiced in Mexico called El Manto de Maria, beginning on Ash Wednesday.  Forty-six women or families would be invited to participate in praying the Rosary in each other’s houses. They would begin with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on cloth. For 46 days, they would pray the rosary. On the first day of the 46 preparation, the first woman holding the cloth with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe would sew a star onto the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She would then pass it on to another lady or family, to do the same thing the next day, etc., until Easter. On each day, in a different home, the ladies would gather to pray the rosary.

The best way to do the consecration is with your parish or prayer group. Therefore, you get all the graces of so many people praying the rosary, plus you all pray a rosary for the person who is assigned to fast that day. You can also do it as a family or individually.  Before beginning the 46 day preparation before the consecration, it is vital to buy the book, ” Mary’s Mantle Consecration” by Christine Watkins. There is also available a companion workbook for the 46 day retreat that includes a quote from the Bible regarding the virtue of each day for 46 days, plus examples from various saints. If you are doing this in your family, you can print out the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the children can paste a star on her mantle, one for each of the 46 days. It is very important  to watch the Mary’s Mantle Consecration videos on YouTube. There are a total of nine videos, two before you begin the 46 days and seven for each week of the preparation for the consecration. Besides the daily praying of the rosary, the reading of the virtue for each day in the text, we are asked to fast, (Wednesday and Friday on bread and water). However, when this consecration is done in a group, as in a parish or prayer group, the fasting days are split up. As one person fasts, all the other members pray a rosary for that person that day, etc. During the last week, it is vital to make a good confession before doing the consecration.

I did not do the preparation perfectly. First, I did not realize that one needed to buy two books, not one, in order to reap the full benefit of the retreat. Secondly, I did the 46 day preparation all alone. I had no one to share the process with me. Thirdly, I watched the two pre-retreat videos, but did not catch up with the following seven videos until the weekend before the last week of the preparation. Thirdly, I tried and failed to get an answer I had from Christine regarding another matter, which was rather off-putting. All of the above were ways I was under some kind of spiritual attack so that I would not receive the full benefit of the consecration.

I am confessing my failures in order to help you be successful. If possible, do this in a group, even if it is a small group. Seconding, know that some of the most important teachings are given in the videos!!!!

So, let me encourage you to plunge into this new consecration to the Blessed Mother. I am a convert and have done many, many consecrations to the Blessed Mother, including multiple ones via the directions of St. Louis de Montfort, multiple 33 day preparations by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC,, etc.  But, I learned a lot from this 46 day preparation and future consecration this coming Saturday. I urge you to give it a try. The book is $11.95. I bought mine through Amazon. More information is available about the author at http://www.ChristineWatkins.com; The name of the second book that goes along with the retreat is Mary’s Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal.  It includes questions, Scripture passages, and saint quotes. The very important videos are by Christine Watkins and Deacon David Leatherby and are titled MarysMantleConsecration videos on YouTube.  All materials are available through http://www.MarysMantleConsecration.com

Get on board to Mary’s train. It’s a winner.

Love and blessings. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. We consecrate ourselves and our family to you. Amen